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by Rob on

Just some minutes ago I was checking my company-mail (yes, I can do that from home).

There was this one mail that grabbed my attention. It was from a Dutch company in the same city as the company I work. First it was an advertisement I didn’t ask for (I really dislike that). But there was something more… the subject line grabbed my eye. Very nicely was written there: “As on the webside”.

I blinked with my eyes, looked again and shaked my head. What these people really wanted to say was “As on the webSITE”.

This kind of mistakes are in my opinion so wrong… It shows the person who sent it has no understanding of the tools they use (Internet in this matter)… it shows of their company off as foolish and not caring…
Specially when you are contacting (potential) customers, you have to make sure everything looks well and that everything is correct. No mistakes allowed… specially not this kind of dumb mistakes.
And of course sending advertisements unasked to people is already a bad way (yes, that is spam too). But apart the dumb mistake in the subject, just sending a scanned brochure along is even more not done.

Conclusion: Just another company who heard the word “Internet” and thinks they can make fast money this way. Not… the only result will be that people will blacklist them (as I did).

And of course I couldn’t resist to send them a mail with my opinions about their advertisement….

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Written by: Rob

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Oh yes, I know what you mean. This kind of inaccuracy and carelessness is unacceptable towards customers.


[quote]And of course I couldn’t resist to send them a mail with my opinions about their advertisement…. [/quote]

And so u were blacklisted too ;p

B.T.W are u getting spammed here? My site has been under fire ever since i admitted the “You do not have to be logged in to comment” Option……….

Greetz from a very happy me :D


I would just have deleted it and not even waste my time on them, in here I receive SO MUCH spam is not even funny, and the kind that you don’t like to read… -_-


Do you really think I care if I am blacklisted by a company that sends this kind of “advertisements”? And I honestly wonder if they know at all what blacklisting is….
Not a single trace of spam here yet. We will see what happens in the future. I already saw that there are some plugins for WordPress around to handle spam. If needed, I will take a look at them.

Yes, you are right. Normally I don’t care about spam. Only because this is a company I knew by name (as said it is in the same city where the company where I work resides) I reacted. That is the only reason I reacted, otherwise I would never have reacted.


haha, ja, vreselijk dat soort dingen. ik kan daar ook niet tegen, maar ik heb ook de (nare) gewoonte om mensen te verbeteren die ‘dan mij’ zeggen. dan verbeter ik ze, en dan snappen ze niet waarom ze verbeterd werden.


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