WordPress 2.9 “Carmen”

by Rob on

This morning I have installed the latest version of WordPress on my website. For those that are unfamiliar with WordPress, this is the software that I am using for my weblog and so it is what you are looking at now :).

Upgrading software should always be like WordPress does it. Just install the new software, run a script to modify the used databases and you’re done. Simple as that.
Most work was replacing all the used plug-inns with the latest versions. But I have to admit I have been a bit lazy on that matter lately, but now everything is up to date again.

So far as I can see now, no problems at all. Yeah, for WordPress.

This new version of WordPress has apart of course the needed security updates also a number of nice new features as a basic image editor, trash can instead of deleting things directly and more.

A big THANK YOU to the people who are making WordPress such a great product!

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