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Sometimes you have to be good for yourself and give yourself a nice gift…

Somewhere this week I noticed that I just had one bottle single malt whisky left. Of course I was in shock, because what is after all just one bottle of whisky?
Just kidding of course. With one bottle of a good single malt whisky you do a very long time. You just drink one or two small glasses of it and really enjoy it. Just as wine or cognac.

But the nice thing of whisky is that it comes is so many flavors, from the sweet sherry malts to the strong peaty ones. And it is nice that when you have guests who also like whisky, as Marion’s father for example, that you can offer some different kinds of whisky.
And just as almost anything else these days, you can buy whisky very well online. For those interested I ordered the whiskey at The Whisky Site NL

One of the whisky’s I bought is the Glenlivet 16 years Nadurra. The Glenlivet malts belong to my favorite single malt whisky’s. And this not only because The Glenlivet 12 year was the very first single malt whisky I ever tasted. By now I have tasted quite some of The Glenlivet single malts by now, but when I got a bottle of Nàdurra from Marion’s father, I found a new favorite among The Glenlivet single malts!
During the holiday Marion and I had in Scotland, we visited The Glenlivet distillery in the Speyside. This visit made a very deep impression on me.

On The Glenlivet website you can read about the Nàdurra 16 year:
Character: The pure and natural one
Colour: Pale gold with lemony shades
Nose: Fresh, intense and fragrant
Palate: Crisp, with hints of peaches and vanilla
Finish: Long and dry with a liquorice tang

Craft facts
Nàdurra is the most natural expression of The Glenlivet. It is batch produced at cask strength using traditional methods.

Most whiskies are chill-filtered to prevent the liquid becoming cloudy when adding water or ice.

Omitting chill-filtration gives the mouth feel more body and a richer texture, and stays true to the style of whisky that was enjoyed in the 19th century. It turns cloudy at low temperatures because it contains more natural oils from the grain.

The first-fill ex-bourbon casks impart Nàdurra’s distinctive vanilla notes.

The second single malt that I bought is a 12 year old Singleton of Dufftown. Dufftown is the capital of the Scotch single malt whisky and it is the town where Marion and I stayed during our visit to Scotland.
The Dufftown distillery is in a small valley, south and just outside the town Dufftown located. The river “Dullan Water”, is the separation of the distillery in Dufftown the place where the name comes from the distillery. The name Dufftown comes from the Clan Duff, who used to live in this area and owned the land.
This whisky is also from the Speyside

These are the tasting notes I found about this 12 year old whisky:
Color: dark gold.
Nose: beautiful aromas of nuts, chocolate mint, honey sugar with notes of yew, sawn oak, marshmellow, brown bread with butter.
Taste: oil of nuts, citrus and steamed fruit aromas with hints of bisquit and toasted oak, slightly grassy in the background in the beautiful being in balan finish tones of citrus and malt.
Finish: medium to long, warming, spicy, with slowly fading notes of Sherry and fudge.

The third whisky is Highland Park 2001 and unlike the other two, this whisky is from Island (north of Scotland). Distilled in 2001 and bottled in 2012. Also unlike the other two, this bottle contains a full liter (the other two around 0,7 liter). This single malt is naturally rich, golden, clear and bright, the Highland Park Vintage 2001 offers delicate aromas of heather honey, dried grass with ginger spicy notes and a light touch of coconut.

Appearance: Naturally rich, golden, clear and bright
Nose: Delicate aromas of heather honey, dried grass with ginger spicy notes and a light touch of coconut
Palate: Vanilla and honey sweetness is balanced by the emergence of the aromatic heather peat smoke
Finish: The finish is sweet with subtle traces of spice and smoke

And no, these whisky’s are not meant to mix with cola or cruel things alike!

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