A weekend to relax and to rest…

by Rob on

Last two nights of the working week I didn’t sleep too well. This without real reason. Every now and then I have this. Nothing to worry about. So last Friday at work I was tired and nothing went the way I wanted it.

By mails from Marion I understood that she also was tired and annoyed by the delayed plane that would bring her back to The Netherlands.

As we had no real obligations for this weekend, we decided to make it a weekend to relax and to rest. Yesterday around 9 o’clock in the evening we already went to bed (keep your mind out of the gutter, you are thinking in the wrong direction :P). We both slept very quickly, showing that we both were in need for some sleep.
Somewhere around midnight I woke up, feeling a bit hungry and thirsty. Clumsy enough I woke up Marion as well. I made some small snacks for us. Poured a glass of wine for Marion and some beer for myself.
Marion made the remark that she was in the mood to watch a movie, but didn’t want to leave the bed. So as we did once before, we moved the coffee table aside. We dropped the mattress from the bed on the ground in the living room before the television, cosy under our duvets we re-watched the movie “Legend”.
And right there we slept during the night.

As a matter of fact, I am sitting here with my laptop on my lap on that mattress, while Marion is still asleep beside me.

Only for some necessary shopping for this weekend we may go outside…. maybe a walk when the weather is nice…. but for the same we stay all day in bed :).

Allowing yourself to relax and to rest at times is very important!!!

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Written by: Rob

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Such a nice and relaxing weekend is nice, isn’t it? Happy for you two that you have such a weekend.
Me…? Busy to pack everything for the move to my new appartment.


Hey Rob,

Once in a while we all need this kind of weekends.
I also like to take the mattress into the living room and watch TV. But since we have this enormous comfortable couch in the livingroom, there is no need for this anymore. We just jump on the couch, lay down and watch tv.


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