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Yesterday a small parcel arrived by mail… as it was stamped outside The Netherlands, I was already pretty convinced that it was coming from Marion and I was right…

There was a sweet note in the parcel telling that I have now such a beautiful bathroom that there should be some quality aftershaves and related things there and that the parcel was the first step from her side to make it so. In the parcel was a bottle of “Joop”, a very exclusive aftershave…

This is indeed the most expensive and exclusive aftershave I ever had.

Pondering about this gift, I decided to start working on an idea I had some time back. In my bathroom there is already a spot with some make-up and alike of Marion. The make-up I bought some months ago on request of Marion when she discovered on the flight back to The Netherlands that she forgot all her make-up and alike in the Italian hotel she stayed. It all stayed at my place, which was handy when Marion stayed at my place. And of course it all moved along to my new house.

From the house of my parents I brought some very old perfume bottles along. Most of these bottles were empty and the one that still contained something, it didn’t smell really well anymore. But I liked these bottle really a lot because of their wonderful shapes…. specially the swan one.

Right now I am cleaning these bottles and after they are really clean, I will fill them with some of the perfums I know that Marion really likes… perfums as Pure White Linen, Dior Eau Svelte and Eau d’ Énergie (And yes Marion, I did take a good look at your makeup table…. or rather the picture I have of it :P)

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It was nice last Saturday and Sunday morning. Jenifer and I enjoyed ourselves very much. And we both loved your new house.


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