And then winter suddenly is there…

by Rob on

So today officially the winter of this year starts… and when I look through a window I see rain. Just a few more days and it will be Christmas and so I guess no white Christmas this year. And that is somehow a pity…

It is said that this winter we would get lots of snow. Right now it doesn’t look like that, but this is of course just the first day of the winter. Things can change a lot…

I know that there are people who would love a long cold period with lots of snow. I don’t belong to those people. Having said that, I would love a period with snow to make nice walks and to make pictures. A white world can be so beautiful. Specially when are out there early in the morning after a night of snowing. I really can look forward to that day!

The pictures in this article are made by me and they are from the time that I was living in the town of Haaksbergen.

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