Footprints in the snow

by Rob on

Yesterday when I left home to leave for work it was cold outside and it has been snowing…. It was still dark and I was enjoying the walk to place where I have to get on the bus…

When I suddenly wished I had my SLR camera with me. I saw something very nice.

On a part of the street the snow was still untouched… expect one thing. A woman on high heels had walk there. Her footprints was the only thing that could be seen in the snow. It was a special sight and the light of the lamppost gave it a warm glow.

It tried to make a picture of it with my cellphone, but that was way to weak for that.

Later on I found a nice title for that picture (if I had could have taken it)…. “Tracking women in the wild!”


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Written by: Rob

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