Life is there for… 2013!!!

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And then suddenly it is 2013…

Last year I had basically only one new years resolution and that was not to throw as much food away as I used to do. I really managed to do that.
I take a bit more care of the amounts of food I buy. Which can be a bit hard at times, because mostly through out of the week I only need to buy food for one person and many things are not available in packages for one person (weird as you realize how many singles there are nowadays). Sadly you can not put everything in the freezer and apart from that, my freezer is pretty filled up.
I try to save things I used for a dinner and are left over to use in other things I will prepare. Some times that works, some times that doesn’t. But the amount of food that I have to throw away really dropped and that is a good thing.

Without any doubt I can say 2012 was a good year. Nice and good things happened. For Marion and me not many real bad things occurred. They only real sad thing that I can remember is the passing away from Marion’s aunt in March. Apart from that, we went to visit nice places and did a lot of fun things. And I think I can say that our relation with all its strangeness (according to some people) has become even more solid.
Our deeply valued friendship with Sanne has even become stronger, against what all doom thinkers predicted. And yes, I haven’t forgot your hateful words… or were it words of jealousy? Whatever, I am happy with this friendship. Sanne has proven to be a good friend who is there when needed, always willing to help, loves to do fun things and shares interests as chess and photography.
My photography hobby has been taken to a new level since I bought a new camera (the Nikon D300s). I hope to be able to buy some nice lenses to it, but then again, there is still so much more that I want and/or need… and it all costs money :P. Anyway, I made nice pictures at the Hortus Botanicus (Amsterdam), at the different dunes and beaches around here (Heemskerk, Castricum, Wijk aan Zee, Zandvoort) including one time with heavy storm, “Forteiland” (IJmuiden), Bad Bentheim (Germany), Leipzig (Germany), Scheepsvaart museum (Amsterdam) and many other places.
And experimenting with black/white photography, which I recently started to do, is a lot of fun. Another part of this hobby that I share with Sanne and Marion. Much appreciated!

Yes, all with all 2012 was a good year.

There is one thing I hope to be able to keep up, my refusal to judge people because of a group they belong to. And with group I mean race, origin, religion, reputation, political background. sexual preference and so on. I always try to judge the individual person and not “the group” he or she belongs to. It is so easy to blame a group, while maybe just a small part of that group is really acting against your opinions or what is acceptable for you.
As people may know, I don’t agree with religions (and yes, I have turned into an absolute atheist). Specially the Catholic Church often “makes my neck hair raise” (not sure if that is English expression at all :P), but that doesn’t mean I dislike every catholic out there. Far from that, I know catholic people I respect a lot. But this demands a certain respect from both sides and luckily that happens a lot with common people.
So when I meet someone out on the street, I will not judge this person on his race, religion or the other things I mentioned before. I will judge that individual on my personal experiences with that person.
Yes, this does mean that at times I run into a stone wall. But on the other side, I got to know some awesome people because of my way of acting in this and that makes it worth while.
I think this is recently a bit more in my mind because a discussion I had with someone about this. But this is not a new years resulotion, it is just the way I am :-).

I want to work more on my blog again, that I have done the last months a little less than normal. But then again, I had always those periods that this happened. So no real new years resolution there.

So in the end I think my only real new years resolution will be not to write 2012 when I mean 2013 (and normally that happens a lot to me during the first month of the new year) :-).

A very good 2012 errrr… 2013 to all of you!!! *WINK*

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