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This morning I read on the blog of my friend Patrick that he will stop with writing on his blog. That is a pity, but I can understand him.

As he wrote, when he started his blog in 2007 it gave him a way to express himself and he needed that over then. But now this need is gone and so the main reason to maintain his blog.

As said, I can understand Patrick’s reasoning.

Me? I will keep writing on my blog. Of course I also use it to express my feeling, emotions and opinion. But it is more for me some kind of public dairy. I can write there the things I like to share. Browse back in its history. And use the private part for things that are not meant for every ones eyes.

So yes, I will keep writing here on my blog.

Patrick, thank you for the pleasure I had for reading your blog for some many years. It will be missed….

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