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A month did fly by… and suddenly I realized yesterday that I did work already for a month for my new employer. This means I have passed my trail period and that my contract is expanded for 1 year (to become a permanent contract after that).

Needless to say that I am very happy with this. Apart from the fact of having a good job, it is also great to work together with such a nice bunch of people.

The work is interesting and challenging.  First of all, the area of online payments is very new to me and complete different as I ever thought. Lot to learn there, but as said, it is very interesting.
I was hired as C programmer, but as first I was placed on a important VBA project (VBA is another programming language I know). By now I have also done some work in C. My C is a bit rusty (as I told during the job interviews), but things are coming quickly back. And if needed or wanted I can get a C course.
Also I started to learn Uniface, which can be used as an interface for applications and is a kinda a programming language on it self. Something else I might do a course in.

Bah… enough of those technical things :P.

I said it to several people by now… concerning work is accepting this job one of the best things I have done for several years…

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I already knew that a job with more challenge would do you good. But that you ended up with such a great company makes it really great.
I am so happy for you


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