This weekend….

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A bit weird weekend it is….

Last Thursday I was off work and I went with Tom to the “Sail In” to make pictures of the arriving sail boats for Sail Amsterdam 2010. A sight to see. Even made though the circumstances were bad, I made some nice pictures…

I had planned this Saturday to go Amsterdam and visit Sail there, but when I woke up Saturday morning I didn’t feel very well. My stomach did hurt a bit, a bit of a headache. So I decided to stay home.

Later in the afternoon I started to feel better again, but my mood to visit Sail was a bit gone. I went to the town of Heemskerk instead to do shop some things I wanted to have.

Marion had made a remark that having a fondue would be very nice. It was ages ago that she had one and that goes for me as well. So I bought a nice electric fondue-set (a design one even :P). So now can we can have our fondue’s…. cheese, meat, Chinese… whatever :P.
Same time I bought two nice table candlesticks, so I can make the dinner table look really nice.

As I have now rather people over for dinner and I like to make salads, I bought a nice big salad bowl that can holds enough salad for at least 4 or 5 persons. I also got some nice some smaller bowls that can used for many things.
And so I got some other things for my house as a holder for paper napkins and luxury soap dispensers. I love to buy things for my house.

I watched some episodes of Stargate Atlantis. Talked for a while with Marion on the phone. I was happy to hear that she felt better again. Feeling tired, I found my way to bed early.

This (Sunday) morning I slept long. After waking up I made myself a small breakfast. I worked on some pictures that I want to put on the walls of my home.
Some how my iPod got problems. I have been at least 2 hours busy to solve the problems. Remembered an artist of who I have an vinyl record. Entered the name of the artist into the iTunes stores and got very unexpected a full hit. So now I have all the songs I loved of Tony Hazzard on my iPod. “Tony who?” you may say. Tony Hazzard is a songwriter who has written songs for Hollies (“Listen to me”), Manfred Mann (“Ha ha, said the clown” and “Fox on the run”) and more. But he also sings some very great songs himself.

Went for a ride on my bike and saw some part of the city of Beverwijk that I hadn’t seen before.

Tonight? Watch some more episodes of Stargate Atlantis or watch the movie 2012 that I got this weekend. Maybe playing some Everquest II.

So a weekend that went complete different as planned, but it was not a bad weekend after all :)

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I am happy your weekend was not a bad one. And yes, I feel a lot better again.

Looking forward to that fondue with you. You know, one of things I really like about your house is that you can make it very cosy and romantic.

What about your plan to come next weekend to Haaksbergen? (see my mail)


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