What is weird, enjoyable, busy, nice, fustrating week it was…

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Almost a week ago that I wrote here on my weblog. Main reason for that was a very busy week at work. But lets start with the beginning… last Saturday…

Last Saturday Patrick and I have been to a concert in Atak (Enschede). The support act was Sin7Sins, a Dutch band. I have to say that although that I never heard of them, I really liked their show.
The last time that I really liked a support act (Krypteria), the main act was a disappointment. So in that mood we waited for the main act.
The main act was ReVamp, another band I never heard of before. To my surprise another Dutch band and oh my, what a perfect show they gave away. Apart from the fact that the lead singer Floor Jansen is very attractive to see, what a voice she has. I really enjoyed their performance. And I was not the only one. The complete audience was moving on their music.
Of course I bought a t-shirt and a CD. Sadly not signed, because Patrick and I had to leave right after the show to catch the last train and bus to make it home. But I made it a goal to get a signed CD of them. In January they will play in the city of Heerhugowaard. So who knows….

Sunday while being close by the town of Haaksbergen, I visited among some other people my mother who stays in a caring home there. She is always so glad to see me and I always visit her when I can, but the distance Heemskerk Haaksbergen is just too much to do it every week.
I am still very worried about my mother. She is so weak and fragile. Often I wonder what it is that make her going on. It must be her never lasting positive look on life.
We chatted a long time and went for a cup of coffee in the restaurant of the home. Even these kind of small things make her so happy.

The working week was only about one thing… a certain conversion of a set application I am involved with. People easily underestimate such projects. There are certain risks involved. Anyway, to keep it short after some serious looking problems in the beginning, we got all up and running. from that moment we could start solve the minor issue people ran into. But it brought some working days along of 11 or 12 hours. But that is all behind us. Sure there will be some issues coming up, but I think nothing major anymore.

Finally Friday arrived. It started to snow early in the morning turning all in a beautiful wonderland again. But as it kept snowing traffic started to suffer from it. And later on the same happened for public transport. And somewhere I started to get a bad feeling… That evening Marion would come home by plane. And what I was afraid of was happened. Airport Schiphol started to announce delays and cancelled flights…

Later in the afternoon we had a Christmas meeting of the company. Just a nice being together. Snacks, nice things to drink. It was very nice and enjoyable. And it was great to talk and laugh with my colleagues, but I saw also outside the layer of snow get thicker and thicker. A SMS of Marion told me that she should be able to get the last strongly delayed flight home.
There I made the decision to go home as well as my journey home would be delayed as well. I wanted to wait on Schiphol on Marion’s arrival there (I always have to travel over Schiphol when going home from work), but by a mail Marion told me just to go home.
The train to Schiphol was crowded. I never have seen such a crowded train before. Weird enough the train from Schiphol to Heemskerk was close to empty. And even with the bad weather it took just a bit longer to get home.
When I arrived at the railroad station of Heemskerk a thick layer of snow was covering the ground. And I have to admit that I enjoyed my walk home.

Marion’s suggestion for me just to go home turned out to be a good one. Her flight was in the end cancelled after all.

This morning I made a walk to make some pictures of this amazing white world…. and some of them I have placed in this post.

And now I am waiting for Marion to arrive. I just got a SMS telling me that she finally made it on her way to here… finally….

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