When the lady smiles…

by Rob on

When I came home this evening and I opened the door of my apartment I thought I recognized a soft sweet scent. I felt how I shook my head as I realized the wish and desire were fooling me.

I took off my coat and opened the door to the living room. Pleasantly surprised I saw two suitcases standing beside the couch. With a big smile on my face I knew that the sweet scent was the perfume I know so well. Marion was home!!!
My apartment is not that big, but I couldn’t see her around. Then I noticed that the door to the bedroom was slightly opened. As silently as I could I opened the door and there in the light falling through the curtains I saw the one I love so much asleep in my bed.
Without making a noise I walked to the kitchen and filled myself a glass of Muscadet wine. Making sure that I didn’t wake up Marion I turned the chair in the bedroom around. With the glass of wine I watched Marion sleeping for the longest time.
I really have no idea how long I was watching her…. half a hour? A hour? No idea!!! But at certain moment she started to wake up. Still sleep drunk she saw me sitting beside the bed. Some sweet kisses and words helped her wake really up. I got for both of us a glass of wine. We enjoyed the wine and talked a little about everything and nothing. Then all of a sudden she slipped with a big smile her arms around me…

As Barry Hay of the Golden Earring already sang at The Night of the Proms…

But when the lady smiles,
I can’t resist her call
As a matter of fact,
I don’t resist at all

Yeah.. I didn’t resist at all…

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Written by: Rob

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