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Some time I ago I saw the video below and it made a deep impression on me. The video is about what our DNA can tell us about our heritage and where our roots in the world are. The people in this video faced some big surprises about their biological heritage. Watch the video…

After seeing this video I was curious, but I figured that such a DNA test would be quite expensive. I didn’t think about it anymore and I forgot more or less about it.

Then last year we were at the BBQ of Mel’s family on Lesvos, where I got my nickname “Μουστάκι”. Mel’s lovely grandmother who was convinced that Marion and I both must have Greek blood in our veins, this because of our love for Greece,
Personally, I don’t think we have Greek ancestors, but one can never know. A DNA test would show this and make this very clear.
But the price of such a DNA test….

A few weeks ago I saw an advertisement about a DNA test and I realized that a DNA test was not that expensive at all (anymore?) and that it was very affordable for us.
So after a small talk with Marion we ordered two of these DNA tests.

DNA test

So this weekend I will do the test and will send it away for analysing.
As Marion is using medicines at the moment, she has to wait with doing the test. I offered to wait as well, but she told me to do it this weekend. She is very curious as well.

Am I nervous about the result of the test?
No, anything will be fine. Dutch, Greek, Finnish, German, Moroccan, Arab… I really don’t care. The more places in my heritage, the richer I am!

And after the test is done, we just have to wait…..

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Rob, even when this test will show that you have no Greek blood in your family line, this will not change my grandmothers mind. For her you are Greek and nothing will change that. And believe me, this coming from her is a honour!


This is what I really like about Marion and you. Always doing these “out of the box” things :-).

I am very curious about the heritage of you two!
Maybe this is also something for Miranda and me. After seeing that video on the weblog I have a feeling there will not be a 100% Twente :P.


The DNA test is sent. So now all we have to do is wait.

But that wind outside and it is really cold. Happy to be inside again :-)


You mentioned this before to me, but this is really interesting. As others, I may consider to do this as well!


Latest news on this…

The sample has arrived at the lab where it will be examined. First they will check if the sample is usable..


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