And another year gone…

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Friday was my birthday and I reached the ago of 46…

My birthday was a quiet one, with just some of the people that are really close to me around. Basically birthdays don’t mean that much to me, but well that is me :P.

While it was a quite Birthday, it was at the same time a very enjoyable and intensive one.

From Marion I got a new phone, a Nokia E71. This phone can also access the Internet and receive/send mail. She knew I needed a new phone and as she away from home often, she wanted a better way to communicate. Of course when something really important comes up, then she will call me directly. But so often you want to tell the other something without calling.
As I disliked SMS on a normal phone (all the hush with the keys) I almost never used SMS, but this phone has a qwerty-keyboard and that makes it easier. And of there is the use of mail and MSN on it.

From Marion and Sanne together I got something special. They knew I always wanted to learn to handle a carriage with a horse in front of it. These two ladies arranged later this year a training for me to learn that. I am so happy with this.

Then there was third gift, but that is for now private and should not be shared!

Al with all a wonderful birthday! These are the birthdays I like!

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