Candy Dulfer at Paradiso

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Those that read here regularly know that my friend Patrick and I like to visit concerts together. With him living in Oldenzaal and I in Heemskerk, we cover a very nice area for interesting concerts.

Yesterday we visited a concert of Candy Dulfer at Paradiso (Amsterdam).

Candy Dulfer is the daughter of the well known Dutch saxophonist Hans Dulfer. It must run in the family, because Candy is also an extreme good saxophone player. She played together with famous artists as Prince.
You should look up some pictures of her on the Internet… and then you won’t believe me when I tell she is 40+ (she was born in 1969).

Anyway, Patrick picked me up from my work in Hoofddorp and together we drove back to Heemskerk. At my apartment we had some coffee before we went by train to Amsterdam (so we both could have some beers during the evening). From the Central Railroad Station of Amsterdam we took a tram to the famous “Leidseplein”, to which Paradiso is close.

Paradiso used the be a church of “De Vrije Gemeente”, but since 1968 it has been used for concents. Many famous artists as Pink Floyd, Herman Brood, Foo Fighters, Ellen ten Damme, Roxette, David Bowie, Metallica and many others have been on the stages of Paradiso. And that is why Paradiso is also known as the “Pop Temple”.

From the “Leidseplein” to Paradiso is a small walk. But on that walk we passed the new super store that Apple built in Amsterdam. We had enough time, so we had a look around there. Beautiful what we saw there. Sure, Apple is more expensive then most other brands, but the quality they deliver is outstanding.

As we arrive later at Paradiso Patrick is surprised. It is his first visit to Paradiso and he thought that it all would be a lot bigger. But after all, he liked it. Specially after seeing in inside.

The supporting act was Sherry Dyanne and her band. I never heard of them before, but I must say that I was quite impressed. Great voice…. strong and full. The band was also a pleasure to listen to.

And then Candy Dulfer…. This is the second time I saw Candy performing. The first time was Gronau (Germany). I loved that show.

But her performance yesterday at Paradiso…. it was awesome. Sure, the music van great. But the complete show wonderful. It swinged and rocked. Funky all the time. Sound quality was perfect. The light effects were fitting and exciting. The band was very good. Musicians by heart. And then Candy herself… what an artist! She is truly awesome on the saxophone. But her voice is also good. She knows how to set a show. And of course, she is a pleasure for the eye!!!

I really liked it how during the bonus act Candy made a round through the people while playing her saxophone.

All by all an extreme good concert. I really enjoyed it. And I think Patrick did also (I am sure he did :P).

I bought her latest CD called “Crazy”. Sadly Candy didn’t sign today. But I still have the CD she signed in Gronau. So maybe next time again :-)

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I would love to go with you to such concerts. But the autrose in my hip doesn’t allow me to stand for 2 or 3 hours :(


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