Feeling better… no, feeling good :)

by Rob on

Yesterday when I left Hoofddorp for traveling home again, I felt not that good. I was extremely tired (slept very bad the night before…. darn flies and mosquito’s!). My throat was hurting and I had a little fever. So just not feeling that well.
I was happy that Marion picked me half way home up and drove me in her car home.

Finally at Marion’s home, she prepared a very hot bathtub for me and that did a lot good to me. As Marion’s attention did me good as well.

Today I feel a lot better. We have been to a sauna to sweat out my fever. And I must say, although my throat still hurts a little, I feel as said better.

I also have been working on my computers today.

My “old” Pentium 4 is now empty and I will prepare it for someone I know who will be very happy with it (yes, it a bit older computer, but it is still in very good condition).

My duo core desktop is now my second computer (oh my…. I am running duo core only now :P). It will be most be used for storage, MSN and downloads.

My new laptop I prepared so that I can use it with a 19 inch TFT screen and my wireless keyboard/mouse. Also I installed some things I still needed… as iTunes, Office XP, driver for my printer and alike that. All my pictures and music are on it now as well.
I will be looking for a docking station for my laptop, but this already a good begin.

Also I did spend today some money for my laptop.

I bought a nice small external hard disk. I will be using this to install Linux on (by booting directly from the external hard disk I don’t have to alter anything on my laptop and that is something I prefer at the moment). Linux is important for me because we use that a lot at the company I work. Linux provides a complete C development environment. Also I will install Ingress on it. Ingress is an Open Source SQL database.

Also I can now access the Internet with my laptop where ever I am in the Netherlands. Well… almost everywhere (tunnels under Schiphol airport and the area between Amersfoort and Apeldoorn are well known for bad mobile connections). As I travel a lot that is very handy for me. Nice thing was that I could combine it nicely with the current contract I have for my mobile phone at the moment and so this will cost me just 10 euro’s per month.

Tonight Marion and I will go and something nice. I leave it all up to her…. I won’t be disappointed :P

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Written by: Rob

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I am about to pick you up for the night. I have a nice idea that is very relaxing, but we will need a taxi (I pay :P).

Anyway, I loved to watch you today working with those computers. It shows so clearly your knowledge about them. Just plugging around those cables as if it were the most normal thing to do. All those cables confuse me so!

You know what I liked most? You didn’t forget there was someone else in the room while were working on those machines. You kept up the conversation up and gave me attention all the time. Although it was a funny view talking with you while you were busy with your head under the desk with all those cables…

See you in some minutes!


Back on my way to Hoofddorp…. Internet in the train! Woot!

Even I felt a bit sick (and I still have a little fever and I am heading towards a bad cold :P), the weekend was wonderful again….


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