Hortus Botanicus of Amsterdam

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Yesterday we brought Marion to the airport of Dortmund for her travel back to US. It was way easier for me travel directly from Dortmund to Amsterdam, instead of first going back to Haaksbergen and then today back to Amsterdam. The later journey would have taken a lot more in total. So I already arrived yesterday in Amsterdam.

Now it was of course not the idea to stay all Sunday at my room in Amsterdam. So I thought of something fun to do. There was still this one place I wanted to go… The Hortus Botanicus of Amsterdam. My mother often mentioned how beautiful it was there. Maybe the winter is not the best time to go, but after checking their website I still decided to go there.

The gardens outside had at the moment not very much to offer, apart from some very nice frozen snow sights. BUt the greenhouses were awesome.
Today I just wandered around enjoyed everything and made nice pictures. But some day soon I will return and I make pictures and store the information about the plants, so I can use that and the pictures for my photo-site. Maybe it is even a good idea to go there more often during the different times of the year.

After spending there a wonderful afternoon, I had a very nice rib-eye at Chicano’s (near the “Leidscheplein”).

Here some pictures to give an impression of what I saw today…

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Looks wonderful, Rob.

When I am back again I would like to go there some time with you :).


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