Night of the Proms 2009 Germany

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Yesterday Patrick and I have been to the Night of the Proms in Germany. In Dortmund to be exact. For us going to The Night of the Proms almost has become a tradition.

We started our journey towards Dortmund early, because of the time of the year there was also the Christmas Market in Dortmund and that is always fun. And because of the bad weather (lots of snow) it was anyway good to leave in time.
We did arrive way in time, but as Patrick said, driving was exhausting with this weather.

In Dortmund we wandered over the Christmas market. It is always nice to watch. Even after eating something we started to cold and we looked for an restaurant where we could drink something and get warm again. After some we decided to go the Westfalenhalle where the Night of the Proms took place.

To be short, this edition of The Night of The Proms was great again.

There was this German singer Christina Stürmer. I never had heard before of her, but it seems that she is rather popular in German. And I have to admit that I like her music as well.
The band Heaven 17 only have vague memories. Patrick told me that they had some hits in the 80’s. The song “Temptation” was very impressive though.

Roxette really rocked. Maybe it was my imagination, Marie Fredriksson seemed a lot more confident to me then when we saw her in Rotterdam. And maybe is not really strange, after all in Rotterdam was her first performance after the long time she was away because of het illness.

It was great to see that Alan Parsons was there. After all, not long ago Eric Woolfson (the person with who he started The Alan Parsons Project) died. And to that is was last Sunday Alan Parsons birthday.
About the music of Alan Parsons we don’t have much to say, great as always.

Of course were John Miles, Fine Fleur and Il Novecento that what made it all become just perfect.

All with all, it was a great experience again. Next year again…

(This time no pictures :(. On this kind of concerts SLR’s camera’s are not allowed and my old compact camera died recently…)

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