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Today I got a wonderful perfume from Rob as gift, but there is a little story to it.

Begin this week, Rob was travelling home from his work. The train he was travelling with was over a hour delayed. Rob was feeling cold and hungry.
But instead of losing his good mood, he found something that cheered him up.

In the busy train he was standing next to a woman who used a perfume that grabbed Rob’s attention as he really liked the scent of that perfume.
Rob was bold enough to ask her politely which wonderful perfume it was that she was using.
After first being surprised by this question, she realized that Rob’s question was sincere and told him with a smile the name of the perfume so he could buy it for me.

He told me about this perfume and that he had ordered it online, but he refused to tell me the name of the perfume. Rob knows me enough that this would make me very curious and that I would try many things to get to know which perfume it was.
On a certain moment I got the idea that everyone knew about which perfume this all was, except me!

This evening I arrived at Rob’s place and finally I got to know which perfume: “Lacoste Pour Femme“.
And it is really a fresh perfume with a wonderful scent of flowers. A light and enjoyable perfume, just as I like them.

As Rob really loves this perfume I will save it for when I am with him. And so I will place this truly awesome “Lacoste Pour Femme” with the other perfumes that he gave to me (“Armani Code”, “Muguet En Fleurs” and “Boss Ma Vie”… among others). These perfumes will stay in the bathroom at his house. Have a look for that at the photo at the top of this article.

On the photo, apart from the perfumes, two other things that are worth mentioning.
The bottle with the purple liquid is a shower lotion. It was a gift from Rob’s mother to me. As Rob’s mother has passed away, it is very precious to both of us.
The perfume bottle in the shape of a swan is rather old and also belonged to Rob’s mother. The perfume in the bottle is not useable any more, but that doesn’t make it any less important as memory. Rob and his mother were very close.

Did I already mention that I really love this perfume I got today as a present? 💕💖💕💋


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Written by: Marion

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Geniet, ook van wat was. Parfum krijgen van man is sowieso helemaal lekker (krijg ik niet ). Maar helemaal OK. Geniet!


Soms heb ik wel eens het idee dat Rob heel nauwkeurig mijn voorkeuren op allerlei gebied heeft bestudeerd en gadegeslagen. Hij weet zo goed te bepalen wat ik lekker en fijn vind (op allerlei gebieden).
Wat ook helpt is dat onze smaak op veel gebieden min of meer overeen komt. Neem parfum bijvoorbeeld. We houden beiden niet van zware doordringende geuren, maar juist van lichte frisse geurtjes. En ook binnen deze geurtjes weet Rob heel goed te bepalen wat ik lekker vind en wat niet. Maar eerlijkheid gebiedt ook te zeggen dat hij nooit een geur zal geven die hij zelf niet lekker vindt (hij zegt dat hij het vaker en beter zal waarnemen dan wie dan ook, inclusief mijn eigen persoontje. En dat is waar).
Maar Rob is aan het veranderen, in zijn eigen voordeel (maar daarover schrijf ik binnenkort wel een privé-berichtje naar je :P).


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