My body! My decision!

by Marion on

This morning I did read in a newspaper about a so called “Safe Life” organization. The kind of that thinks that abortion is murder, no matter what. Often this kind of organizations have a religious background.

Let me state first that I think that it is good that there is clear regulation about this subject.

But above all, it is my body. If I get pregnant, I can assure you that it will be removed. In my life there is no room for a child of my own. Oh yes, I hear already the remarks I heard so often about be greedy and selfish for not having children. But again, it is my body and it is my life.

Sure, everything is done to prevent that I become pregnant. But that is not the issue. It could happen with some very bad luck.

A fetus of 10 weeks is less “alive” or “fully living” as a rat or mouse, and those we exterminate without a wink of the eye.
At that stage it is nothing more as a pre-stage of a living human. Things just start to develop, but are far away from a feeling and thinking human.

If those “Safe Life” folks want to preserve life in all means for their own, it is okay with me. But I don’t want them to push their believings and opinions upon me.

Sorry about this little rant, but I always get irritated when people try to push their views upon me about matters that are really my own.

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Written by: Marion

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I tend to agree and disagree on this matter with you and that at the same time :).

Of course it is your body and I understand in your case that you would end a pregnancy. On that matter you stand different in life as me.

I think I could not end a pregnancy, even when I would want to.


There is a difference in being able to do it. And being permitted to do it. Both must be your own choice. Not the choice of someone else. This count for abortion, but also for Euthenasia. I have been in a situation were euthenasia was seriously discussed. And i know someone who had an abortion. Being able to discuss and talk about this freely is the most important of all. Next to the right to selve decide.


Patrick is right here, Sanne. There is big difference between having the right to do it and really do it.

I knew Marion’s opinion on this matter almost from the beginning. You know how much Marion loves her job. That job leaves no room for children. Marion’s decision is very clear, she doesn’t want to give up her job for a child. So right there the discussion stops.

But also consider Marion’s age. As you know even better then me (you know her much longer then me), she never had a child before. On her age a pregnancy is not without danger, for mother and child.

And I know that there people who are still very active when they are 60 or 65 years old, but most people need to take it a bit easier then. I heard from many people that it is far from nice to have old parents.

And then Sanne, you love children. I think I can say for Marion and me, that we both like children… but not as our own. Apart from that I have a hard time to see myself as a good father. I am way too impatient with children.

But as before, it is about that you are permitted to have an abortion and not about if you will do it or not.


Totally get your point Marion. I happen to be a mother of 3 kids (and truly enough: all three of them not planned!). I am very happy with all of them, But everyone (well, most of us) are given a choice and why not take it to your believes. I believe we live in a free country, and that everyone should have the right to fill in his/her life to its believes. Most important is that the person itself is happy by it, because that avoids whole lot of “disturbance” in this community.
As to the direct topic: abortion. I draw my personal line with 25 weeks, but still would respect any choice made by another person. WHO the HELL am I to judge over others persons lives??? I have NO RIGHT AT ALL. And that is the way it should be.


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