“Atak” is no more!

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Today I read some very unexpected news… “Atak” is no more. As of today it is officially bankrupt and that is a great pity!

For those those who don’t know: “Atak” was a music centre in the city of Enschede. Atak organized pop concerts of all different kinds, including rock, punk, metal and many more styles. There were also dance parties and festivals.

I have been many times to “Atak”, alone, with Richard or with Marion and Rob. Over time I have visited a nice number of concerts. Seen bands as Uriah Heep (I had to go there by Rob… and it was great :P), Red, Normaal, Racoon, Serious and more.
Richard and I have been to dance parties and other festivals organized by “Atak”.

Now it is all gone…

And yes, I do understand that an organization as “Atak” only can exist when subsidised. But what I really don’t understand is that the local government of Enschede can give millions to a soccer club as “FC Twente”, but takes away all from something as “Atak”. That is really beyond my understanding.

There will be people who will say that they don’t regret that “Atak” is now gone, because to their opinion “Metropool” (another concert centre in Enschede) is much better. Maybe they are right, but I will miss the times I had at “Atak”.

So sad…

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Written by: Marissa

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Yes, it is great pity that Atak is gone. At some great times there and loved to go there with you.

Will miss it as well.


I heard the news as well today.

Saw some great performances there. Very good memories.

Just as you I saw some very good artists and bands there. Within Temptation, Delain, Krypteria, Revamp and more.

And yes, I told you indeed to see Uriah Heep there. I had the honour to see them myself once. Something you should not miss with the opportunity is there.

I sadly hear too often that places, as Atak, have to close :-(


Oh really?

This is really a pity. As Rob already said, so many good memories there. When I was younger we often went to Enschede.


I never been to this place, but I have seen too many places like this disappear and that is a great pity. So many memories for so many people. It is really sad..


Yes, you are right Patricia. All those great places seems to be gone and that is really a bad things.

But…. I was not long ago talking with Sanne and Miranda. We got the plan to go any time soon to “‘t Pleintje” (restaurant/café) in Hengelo and “Rooti Tooti” (a nearby dancing). These two placing are already a long time ago and most of us been there. It is/was a very popular place.

And as full member of “The Group” ™, you are more as welcome to come along (you can sleep at Marion’s house).


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