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When I just was taking care of my plants, I noticed something at the cacti that I have next to my computer desk…


Yes, one of them is growing flowers!

It is the first time ever that a cactus that I own grows flowers. I am really surprised to see this happening.
Apart from that, it is winter! Yes sure, my house is heated when I am home, but it the period that the cactus should be in rest, I reduced to the amount of water it gets now accordingly.

Really awesome. I will keep a close look on the cactus and its flowers. And maybe I will add some more photo’s to this article when the flowers grow!

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Nice Rob. It is fun when a plant starts to bloom, especially when you don’t expect it.

Isn’t it great that cacti are gaining popularity again? For quite some time it was almost hard to buy them.

You are right, this is not the time of the year for a cactus to bloom. Could it be that you don’t have this cactus that long and that it recently moved into a warmer area (your house)? That could explain why the cactus thinks it is spring.

That is the advantage of a greenhouse like the two I have, a controlled and stable climate all over the year.

Anyway, enjoy it!


My cactus never had flowers!

I think I will need a chat with Jennifer about my cactus and maybe about my plants in general. I think there a lot to improve


Jennifer has real “green fingers”. She does magic with flowers and plants. I am sure she can give you some very useful advises.


Beautiful Rob and yes, very uncommon for this time of the year. Show me it when I this week at your place :-)


Really, one time you should come here during the spring. Everything will be blooming, even the cacti!!!! Really beautiful and you will love it to make photo’s during the spring.


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