“Atak” is no more!

by Marissa on


Today I read some very unexpected news… “Atak” is no more. As of today it is officially bankrupt and that is a great pity!

For those those who don’t know: “Atak” was a music centre in the city of Enschede. Atak organized pop concerts of all different kinds, including rock, punk, metal and many more styles. There were also dance parties and festivals.

I have been many times to “Atak”, alone, with Richard or with Marion and Rob. Over time I have visited a nice number of concerts. Seen bands as Uriah Heep (I had to go there by Rob… and it was great :P), Red, Normaal, Racoon, Serious and more.
Richard and I have been to dance parties and other festivals organized by “Atak”.

Now it is all gone…

And yes, I do understand that an organization as “Atak” only can exist when subsidised. But what I really don’t understand is that the local government of Enschede can give millions to a soccer club as “FC Twente”, but takes away all from something as “Atak”. That is really beyond my understanding.

There will be people who will say that they don’t regret that “Atak” is now gone, because to their opinion “Metropool” (another concert centre in Enschede) is much better. Maybe they are right, but I will miss the times I had at “Atak”.

So sad…


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Krypteria & Delain

by Rob on

Some time ago Patrick asked me if I wanted to come along to a concert of Delain. As he told me there were alike as the band Within Temptation, I accepted. But when I wanted to order my ticket, the website told me that the tickets were all sold out for this concert.
Luckily Patrick was more stubborn as me, because when he looked the site told that there were still a few tickets available. After some SMS’s we exchanged he ordered two tickets….

The concent was at Atak in the city of Enschede.

The support act for Delain was a bed called “Krypteria”. They were good and I was very impressed by them. And to be honest, the lead singer Jo-In Cho is a very attractive woman.
Later on during the main act, she and one of the other members of her band came for some time watching the show, just among the rest of the audience. I liked that a lot (much better as some band behave towards their fans)

The main act was Delain. I liked the music and the show was also good. Only I thought that the base drum was too loud and hard. On short term I will buy some of their music through iTunes and hear how it is then.
Anyway the Charlotte Wessels, the singer of Delain, is also a rather attractive woman :)

After the show I bought two t-shirts, one of each band. So my collection is a little bit bigger again.

There Jo-In Cho turned up again to sign CD’s and for pictures together with her. There U already had spent my money on the shirts, I just asked for her signature…

I enjoyed myself a lot. And most of all this gave me a needed and wanted break from everything concerning my moving to Heemskerk.

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