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Company BBQ

by Rob on

Yesterday we had at the company where I work now a BBQ. It was a very nice event and I was more then happy to have been there. The people were in a very good mood, so the atmosphere was very enjoyable. Pleasant conversations and laughter all around.

Such a BBQ is a great way to get to know people better and it is very nice to meet people outside the working environment. People are more relaxed and open for conversation.

I am not the only one at the company who is interested in photography. It seems a lot of the people are. One of them is my direct colleague Tom. A very nice and friendly person (all people at the department where I work are a great bunch :P). I can come along very well with him. And oh my… his photo equipment… a Nikon D300 and a great collection of lenses.

Not only the atmosphere was wonderful, so was the food and drinks. All was very well taken care off. And one thing I really liked was the idea that people did not baked their things themselves. This all was done by personnel of the catering service who were present there. So no hanging with a big group of people around a very hot BBQ with burned meat.

As said, it was a very enjoyable evening. And as far I could see every one had a wonderful time.

I think specially for people as Anitha (left on the picture below) and me who are very new at the company evenings like this are very important. It makes you feel at place and comfortable. And there is no way to get to know people better as in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere like there was yesterday at the BBQ.

Sadly I had to leave in time, so I could travel home to Haaksbergen… I have a very good reason these days to go home :).

Next Wednesday some of my colleagues and I will go to see the new Batman movie in Amsterdam. And we were told to think about a nice thing to do in September with the people of the department I work…

Did I already mention that starting to work for this company was one of the best decisions I made in the last years? It really is…

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