Bram Hijmans trail

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In 2012 Marion and I made a bicycle ride into the dune-area and we discovered a wonderful small path leading us through the forests. This path was called the “Bram Hijmans-trail”. We had a very enjoyable time over then (see the article A nice bicycle trip… about that).

I learned that Bram Hijmans was a composer from Heemskerk who lived from 1932 to 1996. But when I later tried that find the trail that was named after him again, I failed. I asked quite some people, but no one could really point to it again. Even Google gave only a limited result when searching for it and that what was found did not gave the location of the trial.

Until some days ago, when two persons gave me the information I was searching for. One was a colleague who found on the Internet a PDF with a walking trail that was leading along the “Bram Hijmans pad” (the PDF even contained a map).
Almost at the same time someone from a social media site told me that I just had to follow the “Hondsbosseweg” (which can be found on Google Maps) and that would lead me directly to the “Bram Hijmanspad”.

Yesterday was a very warm day, so we waited until the temperature was bearable again. Marissa and Sanne (who were visiting us) joined Marion and me on our trip bicycle to this “long lost” trail. We made a small detour through Heemskerk and Beverwijk to show Marissa and Sanne some of the nicer things to see around there.

As the map showed and as I was told, the “Hondsbosseweg” leaded indeed directly to a very path that could be very well the trail we were looking for. But as I saw this very old direction sign, I knew we were on the right location. I could remember this sign very well.

While we followed the trail walking next to our bicycles (bicycling is not allowed there) we saw some very nice sights. And even with Heemskerk and Beverwijk really close-by, you got a feeling there to be somewhere in the middle of very big wild reserve and for many kilometres no one is near. I like that feeling. And so did the ladies when I mentioned this to them.

And then finally the complete confirmtation that this is the “Bram Hijmanspad”…

A said, we all enjoyed this little trip into this wonderful area. As Marissa remark, so different as the forests in Twente. She couldn’t find the old oaks and such where she is so used to. But according her it was wonderful to wander here around.

I think I will come here more often and enjoy the area and all that is close to there.

When I bought this camera (Nikon D300s), Marion gave me a GPS module (I still love it very much). And as the GPS module was turned on, I will now always be able to find back the “Bram Hijmanspad” (each pin on the map represents one or more pictures taken on that place).

Back on the normal roads, I realized that it was from there where we were a little trip to Wijk aan Zee. I suggested to the ladies that we go there for some food and drinks. The idea was welcomed very positively as we all were hungry and thristy.

We ended up at beach pavilion Timboektoe. A very nice place to be. After dinner there (although it was already late for dinner), we stayed there rather a long time. The conversation was good and we laughed a lot. Time flies when you are having fun…

Well, another great weekend….

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Already for some time Marion and I had planned to have a nice walk along one of the beaches here again, but because of all kind of reasons it just didn’t happen.

So this morning the sun was shinning and we saw our chance today. We decided to go the beach of Zandvoort. The train almost takes you directly to the beach. We often go for our trips with the train to avoid parking problems. And for us it makes the travelling much more relaxing when Marion has not the concentrate on the driving (and we know that many people don’t agree with us on this, but so what? :-) ).

When we arrived at Zandvoort the sun had disappeared and made place for a soft rain. But that was okay. The temperature was nice and the wind was not too bad. We walked for a while along the boulevard.

Sadly the soft raining turned into a more harsh rain and we decided to find some cover. As we both already were a bit hungry we looked for a place to have dinner. We found a restaurant called “Boomerang” where they served mainly Australian food and that made us interested. Marion decided for an ostrich steak and I went for a mixed grill of kangaroo, ostrich and crocodile. I had kangaroo and ostrich before, but it was the first time I had crocodile meat. It really was nice tasting.
The food was very good. The people of the restaurant were friendly and helpful. But there was something in way the restaurant was decorated and the atmosphere we both didn’t like. But apart from that it was all very good.

After our dinner we continued our walk along the boulevard and the beach. The rain stopped and even the sun started to shine again.

The last time I walked on the beach my foot, that I injured last year, gave me rather some problems in the loss sand of some parts of the beach. That went this time already a lot better. Still an uncomfortable feeling, but there is clearly progress and that is important.

It was a very nice afternoon and it was good to have seen the sea again.

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A walk on the beach

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Today Sanne (who visited me this weekend) and I made a nice walk on the beach. When Sanne is here, she mostly likes to visit the beach. I really can understand that, because when you far from the coast (as she does) the beach is something special. I live here now more then a year close to the beach, but it is still very special to me…

We decided to go by train to the beach of “Zandvoort aan Zee”…

The beach of “Zandvoort aan Zee” is very easy and within reasonable time to reach. That is most important reason why we went there.

The weather was nice. The sun was shinning and I had the feeling that I could already feel the spring in the air.
Many people had the same idea as we had. But it was nice this way, not too crowded and enough people to make it all alive.
Of course I did bring along my camera. I just love to take pictures of the beach and the sea. I also made some nice pictures of Sanne (but by her own request they are not placed here on the public part of my blog).

As Sanne had one of her dogs (or rather one the dogs living at her father’s farm) with her, she had dog cookies with her. Just as humans, dogs work the best by a positive reward :P. And of course the dog did anything Sanne wanted to get such a cookie…

But as we found out seagulls also love dog cookies. Sanne got by that fact a nice idea. She lured the seagulls with little pieces of a dog cookie. The seagulls reacted on that very quickly and gathered in great amounts on the places where Sanne did thrown the pieces of the cookies. There were so many seagulls that I really had to think of the movie “Birds”. But this way I could make some very nice pictures of the seagulls…..

Sanne is very good friend to Marion and me. I am happy that Sanne and I get along so good. After Sanne and Marion go together back a very long time (they went to school together, that should say enough :) ). Sanne is also a very good person to talk with. She listens very well and very understanding. It always a pleasure to talk with her. During the walk many subjects passed. Some that made us laugh, other were more serious. It is good to able to talk like that.

Before we returned home we ate some fish at a stand near the beach. It was delicious. I like fish, but as it turned out Sanne loves fish even more. The baked mussels and shrimps tasted also great.

It was a great spend day…

Edit: Although I like the pictures I made today. But I was wondering why they were not as sharp as usual. I just found out why… the ISO setting of my camera was set to the highest value and that is no good for taking pictures outside during the daytime. One more reason to visit the beach soon again :)

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When I look outside right now it is raining, while it was so nice weather yesterday. Funny how the weather can change in such a short time.

Yesterday Marion and I went to the town of “Wijk aan Zee”. A very nice, bit tourist, town. There we made a long walk along the beach. There were more people on the beach, but not so much that it became too busy. After a while walking we sat down in the sand, watching the arriving of the high tide while talking softly with each other. To be honest a very tender and romantic moment.

After a while we walked back in the direction of where we had parked the car, but before leaving we decided to have dinner there. Very quickly we found a place that looked very promising. A place called “De Strandhuis” (The beach house). The terrace outside was surrounded with screen of glass so you could sit out of the wind while still enjoying the evening sun.
The salmon they served was more then terrific. This is a place we will remember…

At a certain moment the temperature started to drop and it became chilly. So after a good cup of coffee when we went to my home in Heemskerk. And with that the moment arrived for Marion to leave again. It was a wonderful weekend and I cannot wait to see her again….

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The beach, sea and wind…

by Rob on

Today I had a day off. It was the first time Marion left from my house to Schiphol Airport to travel for her work. Yesterday evening she came to my place. We had a wonderful evening together and this morning after a very nice breakfast together she left for Zwitserland.

The weather was nice. So after cleaning the house and doing some shopping in town, I decided to do something nice for the afternoon. With my camera all charged I took my bicycle and went in the direction of the beach.

I thought that although the sun was shining, the wind was blowing too hard for lot of people to enjoying the beach. Well, I was wrong. Lots of people were on the beach to tan or have fun in some way.
Some even were swimming, while the beach guard giving off a signal that it was dangerous to swim. People can be so stupid.
I had to walk some time before it became more quiet on the beach.

Anyway here some impressions from my walk along the beach…

Again, a well spend afternoon!

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Dunes and Beach of Heemskerk

by Rob on

I am busy with my blog today…. Third entry of today already. But why not if I have something to tell?

Today I have done what I already wanted to do from the very first day since I am living in Heemskerk… and that is visiting the dunes and the beaches.

The weather was nice and there was nothing else important to do, so why not? I grabbed my camera, put on my rubber boots and jumped on my bicycle. And around 15 or 20 minutes later I reached the dunes….

It was rather some years ago that I have been at the sea. Which is kinda sad, because I really like the sea. I almost felt as a young exited boy when I walked up to the beach. It felt good and I think I will spend a lot of time in the dunes and at the beach. Specially when the weather really gets better.

I was happy that I had on my rubber boots, so I could walk near and through the shallow water without getting my feet wet. I had to grin about some folks who were walking on the beach with their pretty Sunday shoes. First that kind of shoes must be very uncomfortable on the beach and you could see that those people were scared to get their shoes and clothes dirty…. Well, if you don’t want that, then don’t go to the beach I would say!

After walking a bit around the beaches, my eyes saw something else that I’m really looking forward to….

…. Horseback riding on the beach. That is really something I would love to do. But as I promised, I will wait until Marion is back in The Netherlands. Because this is something she also really would enjoy to do. So we will do it together.

I really enjoyed the walk on the beach…. the wind playing around me… the light salted taste in my month… the looks over the sea to the horizon… the sea gulls flying around…

I think I will spend a lot of time around there!

Enjoy some more of the many pictures I took this afternoon…

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