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And suddenly it was more then 2 months ago since my last post here on my blog. That didn’t happen since I have this blog. Sure there were times I posted a bit less as normal, but 2 months?

Did I forget about my blog or lost my interest for it? No, not at all. Life has just been very hectic lately.

First of all it was (is) very busy at my work. I am directly involved in a project to replace the current back office software, which is a huge thing to do. During all the pressure to deliver things, I am learning a new programming language. This language called “Ab Initio” is not alike any language I used in the 27 years that I am now coding as profession. Very interesting, but not an ideal combination with the current workload where delivering is important. Anyhow, we will get there :-).

Privately things are also very busy, but mostly in a very positive way. Spending a lot of time with and on Marion, which is of course always a pleasure to do.
And of course it is very important to be aware of the group of close friends around me and give them the attention they deserve. They are always there for me, in good times and in bad times. So the least I can do is return this to them.

And then suddenly two months have gone by without an article here on my blog while there was more than enough to write about.

Beware…. This will change….

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Some time ago I posted an article about that I wanted to change the name of my blog. The name was a good one when I started in 2007 my blog. But a lot changed since. Most in a positive way. Time to reflect that in the name of my blog.

I thought a lot what the new name should be. Talked about it with friends. Heard many good ideas. But one I liked right away from the start… And yet, I thought more about it and yesterday, after talking about it with Marion again, I made the decision.

I renamed my blog to “Life is there to…”. The title of every post will start with “Live is there to…” and to that sentence I will add in a few words the subject of the blog. So titles as “Live is there to… go out for dinner” … “Life is there to… be angry at the government” … “Life is there to… don’t care for a moment” … and so on and on.

This idea came from my colleague Kristin. Thank you, Kristin :-)

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Dinner talk…

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Yesterday I made a simple, but very nice dinner for Mairon and me…

A nice big steak (medium done) with some mushroom, snow peas/carrots and Pommes Parisiennes with peel. It tasted wonderful! But during dinner I brought a subject up that I have pondered about lately.

I love to work on my blog. It some kind of public dairy to me. It is very nice to look back on what happened in the last years. And that is really a lot. Good and bad things!
I started this blog in 2007. Wow, that is almost 5 years already! And to be precise, before this I blogged for some time at But hosting a blog yourself gives you much more control and possibilities.

Anyway, back in 2007 I was still busy with getting my life in the right direction again. And yes, at that time some very big and important steps were already made successfully. So hence the name of blog “Life is there to life again…”.
But concerning getting my life on the right track again, I can only say one thing: Mission accomplished!

Many good things happened: Marion stepped into my life and brought a lot of happiness along with her… I know some great people that I am proud of to call friends… I have a nice job and the people I work directly with are good people to have around… I bought a nice apartment in Heemskerk… Have nice hobbies as photography… and many things more. Sure, sad things as the passing away from my mother happened also. But yes, life is very positive to me!
Sure, Life is still there to be lived again… but it feels a little as a passed station. So maybe it is time to give my blog a new name that reflects better the current situation.

So I am looking for a new name for my blog. I already thought of “I code, so I am…” reflecting the work I do, but somehow it doesn’t feel really good to me. I agree with Marion that I only should change the name if I am 100% sure about it.

So if you have any serious suggestions, please let me know :)

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Patrick’s blog

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This morning I read on the blog of my friend Patrick that he will stop with writing on his blog. That is a pity, but I can understand him.

As he wrote, when he started his blog in 2007 it gave him a way to express himself and he needed that over then. But now this need is gone and so the main reason to maintain his blog.

As said, I can understand Patrick’s reasoning.

Me? I will keep writing on my blog. Of course I also use it to express my feeling, emotions and opinion. But it is more for me some kind of public dairy. I can write there the things I like to share. Browse back in its history. And use the private part for things that are not meant for every ones eyes.

So yes, I will keep writing here on my blog.

Patrick, thank you for the pleasure I had for reading your blog for some many years. It will be missed….

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