Today a book that I ordered arrived, “Origin” written by Dan Brown. The Dutch title is “Oorsprong”.


Dan Brown belongs to the select group of writers that I really love to read. As many others his book “The Da Vince Code” was my first contact with his work. “The Da Vince Code”, the fourth book written by him and published in 2003, was his international breakthrough.

I truly love how he combines in his books facts and fiction into a fast exciting story. Mostly likely I am not the only one who has trouble to put one of his books away while reading it. I just want to know right away what happens on the next page.
By now I have read most of his books and I really like them all.

And now I will start with his newest book that was published in 2017: “Origin”. Again Robert Langdon is the main character in the story. It all seems to start at the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao.

And what makes it really very promising to read is the text in the beginning of the book:

“Fact: All art, architecture, places, science
and religious organisations in this book
really exist!

Later this evening, when we have returned from our dinner, we will spend some time reading… a glass of wine, some small snacks… and our books. How wonderful an evening can be.

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Some times there are books people are very enthusiastic about and when you read it yourself it is disappointing. The book “Over seks en liefde” (About sex and love), written by Saskia Noort en Jan Heemskerk, belongs for me to that category.

Maybe it is because I really enjoyed the book “Delusions of Genders” that I don’t really liked this book.

Sure, I had to grin at times when reading the book, but many times more I had to frown. Man and woman are displayed so stereotypic, with all the prejudices you can hear every day. Also I didn’t like the generalisations in the book. Man and women are displayed as dumb, not functioning creatures… of course in the view of the opposite gender.

Maybe I am taking this book to serious…. maybe that is it. I will Marion and Sanne to read it also. Curious what they think about it.

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Just read on Patrick’s weblog his article about good and interesting books to read. And that gave me the idea to write something about the book I am currently reading. It is a book that was given to me by a colleague at work…

Before I even say a word about the book, I won’t tell again that most hackers are honest people who just have deep interest in certain processes and that most care a lot about important matters as privacy. I also won’t tell that it is just small group of hackers who want to do damage to systems and who misuse their deep going knowledge for their own benefit…. script-kiddies, crackers and such. I neither won’t tell that media gave hackers a bad name because they had no idea what they were talking about….

Darn, now I just did what I said that I wouldn’t do :)

Anyway… to the book. The book describes a number of attacks on systems. Every thing about the attack is added…. the what, where and how… the logs… everything. And all is written in a very enjoyable way of writing.
The task of the reader is to determine where things really went wrong. What could have been done to block to the attack…. or even better, what should have been done to prevent the attack in the first place.

As said the book is written is a very nice way… A pleasure to read.

A number of the scenarios described in the book were not unknown to me. Some times I could put a finger directly on the weak spot(s). With some I was very close to the solutions and other times I overlooked something completely….

As said, a nice book to read. Even when it is already some years old, I learned from it. A book that I would recommend to people with interest on the subject.
On the other side it is kinda sad to see, that things that are already known for many years are so often these days not cared of…. Really sad.

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My book list and DvD list

by Rob on

For some weeks now I am keeping a list of the books that I am reading.

The idea was to place any book there that I have been reading. Comics as “Suske and Wiske” included (so there will be a lot of their books be mentioned there, because I really like them and started to collect them again :) ).
But for some reason I didn’t like the layout I used. For instance, I added for each book a link to site with more information on that specific book. Not a good idea. Links come and go… and even in the short time I have this list a link was not working anymore.
So for some days I have playing around with it and what I have now I like:

  • A scanned picture of the cover (350 pixels in heigth)
  • Date I started to read it
  • The title of the book (and the original title when there is one)
  • Author(s), ISBN Number, year of printing, publishing company
  • Short description of the book

At first description may be short and based on what is written on the cover of book. After finishing the book I may extend the discription and add more information there as what I thought of the book.

Only thing I have to keep an eye on that when there are lots of books with cover-pictures the loading of the page may become slow. Then I will make some kind of archive for the older books or something like that. Time enough to think about that.

I like my book list and because of that I also created a list of DvD’s that I am watching :).

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