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And suddenly my loyal Nikon D40 is standing in one of the display-cases in my living room together with my old Petri and Olympus camera’s. It must be 5 years back that I bought that camera and I had great times making pictures with it.

Ermm.. wait! That camera more or less retired in a display-case? Does that mean I am stopping with photography as hobby? And with what for the heck camera is the picture above taking? It can’t be my iPhone (which fails bitterly with limited light).

No way, but from of today I can call myself the owner of a Nikon D300s…

So what happened? (And yes, the awful picture above is taking with my iPhone :P)

That I was looking for another camera body might be considered well-known and the D300s was something I set my mind on. So some days ago I noticed a message on the forum of Dutch Nikon Club where someone offered a D300s body. I was really interested and sent that person right away a mail. But later I got the message that the camera was already sold. That was a pity of course, but I didn’t give up and decided to look further around for a D300s body.

First place I looked was “De Marktplaats” (some kind of Dutch eBay). And there it was… right on top, an advertisement for a D300s in the price range I had in mind and there was even an extra battery to it. And the nicest thing was that the person who placed the advertisement lived very close to Heemskerk. After exchanging some mails we agreed on everything and begin of this afternoon we picked up the camera, which is very nice because you can test the camera before making the final decision.

But everything was more than okay with the D300s. All that belongs to the camera was there. Even the box it came in and the warranty papers were there. You could see easily that the camera was well-kept and maintained correctly. It was simple, the camera was a perfect condition. So the final decision was simple: I bought the camera.

For me this will mean that there is a lot to learn again. This camera is way more advanced as my old D40 and that means many more new things for me. But that is okay. I am very happy with my new camera…

But there is something more new…

The computer desk I had in my apartment was rather old. Of course better something than nothing, but it was really about time to have it replaced.

So last week I bought the nice computer desk, storage cub and a good chair. Now I have room enough for all the 3 monitors and still have room to work on other things. Talking about the monitors, people often ask why 3 monitors? Well, it is rather simple. The 24 inch screen in the middle is connected to the same computer as the one to right. When I, for example, process photo’s, I do that on the main screen in the middle. On the screen to right there I have all the tools that might be useful for the job I am doing. Or when I play a game on the middle screen I can use the screen to the right to look up things or keep an eye on my mail. And because the two monitors are connected to one computer you have full copy and paste functionality and that is very handy.
The monitor to the left (connected to another computer) I use almost only for chat programs as MSN, Skype and such. It is almost always running. And this because for when Marion is abroad for her work. This means that no matter what happens on the other computer, I will always notice when she comes online.

It was fun to put everything together. Specially because Marion helped me a lot. And don’t believe her when she claims that she is not handy.

Marion tried to hide all the cables and wires, but at a certain moment she started to understand why I said that it was close to impossible to hide all of them. There are simple way to many of them with all the hardware that I have standing there. And if you would succeed, the result would be that replacing a cable turns into a nightmare. In the end she gave up…. (and that means something!!!! :P).

It looks really good and fits completely to the other things that I have bought for my apartment. And yes, the photo frames on the desk with pictures of Marion should be replaced by black ones. That will look a lot better :-)

Good changes I would say….

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Let me first apologize for the lousy picture, but it was made with the most awful compact camera and I am too tired/lazy to do some Gimp-magic on it. But…

As I told already, I dropped my DSLR camera last week by accident. This with the result that the 18-55mm lens that I have was broken. Well, at least the AF-function (Auto Focus) was not working anymore. Setting the focus manually is still possible, but that is not something you really want this modern days…

But some times one can get lucky. I was able to buy a very nice second hand lens today.

My new lens is a Nikkor DX 18-200mm AF VS lens. Nikkor is Nikon own brand for lenses and Nikon is known for its high quality lenses.
It is very nice lens that can be used in many circumstances. Hence, the 200mm makes it even a very nice zoom-lens. Although it is possible to make good pictures with full zoom while holding the camera in your hands, but it will lead to many pictures that are not clear. But this new lens has the Vibration Reduction (VR) that will help a lot on this matter. This will be my first experiences with VR, but what I have seen from it by now I really going to love this
Of course this lens is also Auto Focus (AF), but as said that is really something these days.

I really think I am going to enjoy this lens…. :)

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It has been a time, but yesterday we had a team event of the back office team again. We had planned to go for some Japanese pancakes to start with, but somehow that did not happen at all.
Because people were coming with all kind of means, we decided to gather at Mulligans. Some of us went by train and I was of them. When we arrived at Mulligans some were already there enjoying a good beer. And it didn’t took long before I had a pint of Guinness for myself.

There happened what every photographer fears, my camera dropped on the ground. At first it seemed all right, but later on it turned out that was sadly not the case. The camera could not focus anymore. Real bad luck. People who know me know how important my camera is for me.
What stroke me really hard was that some weeks ago my laptop stopped working correctly and then my netbook didn’t want to boot anymore. And now my camera was also unusable? It felt for a moment that all these things I enjoyed working with were breaking down. But luckily that was an emotion that was not very long there.
Later on it turned out that only lens was broken and not the body. Mic borrowed me a lens for now. So I can look for a lens to replace the broken one and still be capable to make pictures.
So kinda good luck again that not the whole camera was broken.

Anyway back to the team event… after some beers we went for some food. Many places had not room for such a rather large group as we had. But we found a nice curry bar (of which I sadly cannot remember the name). The food was good and after my shock of the accident with my camera, I recovered quickly and enjoyed it all again.
During the dinner there was something going around about certain pictures on Rafal’s camera and the mystery who and when they were made. Well, it gave some good laughs.

After dinner we returned to Mulligans. At the moment we arrived there was life music. Some more bears, good conversations and laughter made it after all

Three things I have learned this evening. For myself to keep a better eye on my camera (stupid stupid me). And never ask Marc about which tram you best can take to get somewhere and never ask Johan’s advice on OV chipcards… (just kidding guys…. but you have to admit that it was funny! :P).

And yes… I am lucky I am free today so I don’t have to work today….

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The need for fresh air…

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You know the feeling that when you have been inside of your home all day long that you suddenly have this huge urge to go outside?

Well, I had this today. I was suddenly tired of being inside… I wanted to be outside, feel the wind in face. I didn’t mind the weather was not so nice.

I wandered from my house to town to do some small shoppings. It was raining a little… the wind was blowing hard through the trees. But I didn’t mind. Being outside made me feel better again… it always does.
That is one of the less nice things of my work. I like the line of work I am doing, but being all day inside is a less nice side of it. But well, no job can be perfect.

Hmm… well, it was not planned that these small shopping turned in to a “big” shopping. I came home with a new 70-300mm lens for my new SLR camera. It was very cheap, so I had to buy it (I saved about € 150,00, so that was worth it).

So now I am home again and I feel a lot better…. have been outside and enjoyed it… bought a new lens for my camera cheap… and now I have a hot cup of soup in front of me.

Life isn’t that bad at all :)

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