A nice bicycle ttrip

by Rob on

Today Marion and I made a nice long trip on our bicycles. Compared with yesterday the weather was very nice, so a good opportunity to get some fresh air. Without an real destination or goad, and without any hurry we started in the direction of the dunes-area. It all became a very trip of close to 34 kilometers.

Just outside of Heemskerk we saw a Frisian Horse. I just love these strong black horses. In the past these horses were used for pulling and for work on the land. Nowadays they are used for horseback riding as well.

Very surprised when suddenly in full speed from behind a shed a young foal appeared. Making weird playful jumps. It looked like that the young animal tried to impress us. Well, it did. We laughed a lot watching all the stunts the foal pulled off.

We continued our trip in the direction of the dune-area, which was from the horses basically crossing one street. The dune-area is beautiful and I always love to be there. The nature is rich and very varied. Many different kind of plants, insects, birds and other animals. Truly an unique part of our country.

Something Marion and I noticed that many people that we met seemed to have a need to talk and keep talking. Maybe scared of silence was what crossed Marion’s mind. Sure Marion and I talked too, but there are also long silences where we enjoy all the beauty around us.

After a while we saw a sign telling us that we just 2 kilometers away from the beach of Heemskerk, we decided to go there. One should never let an opportunity go see the sea. We did sit for some time on the beach, enjoying the great view of the sea. Somehow the sea always clears my mind.

From the beach we went in the direction of Castricum. We saw two bird spot places there. I will soon return there, but with my 300mm lens.

Near Castricum there is a very nice restaurant called “Johanna’s hof”. There we had dinner. Marion had a big pancake with all kind of nuts, raisins and brie. I went for a nice Wiener Snitzel.

After the nice dinner, we went in direction of Castricum. We had planned to go in the direction of home, but as we saw that there was a summer market in Castricum we decided to visit it. Way too busy for my liking, but I managed to get 3 CD’s cheap (Acda en De Munnick, Simple Minds and a collection of romantic music).

From Castricum more or less straight to home. We both were in for a shower. But a very nice spend afternoon!!!!

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Dunes and Beach of Heemskerk

by Rob on

I am busy with my blog today…. Third entry of today already. But why not if I have something to tell?

Today I have done what I already wanted to do from the very first day since I am living in Heemskerk… and that is visiting the dunes and the beaches.

The weather was nice and there was nothing else important to do, so why not? I grabbed my camera, put on my rubber boots and jumped on my bicycle. And around 15 or 20 minutes later I reached the dunes….

It was rather some years ago that I have been at the sea. Which is kinda sad, because I really like the sea. I almost felt as a young exited boy when I walked up to the beach. It felt good and I think I will spend a lot of time in the dunes and at the beach. Specially when the weather really gets better.

I was happy that I had on my rubber boots, so I could walk near and through the shallow water without getting my feet wet. I had to grin about some folks who were walking on the beach with their pretty Sunday shoes. First that kind of shoes must be very uncomfortable on the beach and you could see that those people were scared to get their shoes and clothes dirty…. Well, if you don’t want that, then don’t go to the beach I would say!

After walking a bit around the beaches, my eyes saw something else that I’m really looking forward to….

…. Horseback riding on the beach. That is really something I would love to do. But as I promised, I will wait until Marion is back in The Netherlands. Because this is something she also really would enjoy to do. So we will do it together.

I really enjoyed the walk on the beach…. the wind playing around me… the light salted taste in my month… the looks over the sea to the horizon… the sea gulls flying around…

I think I will spend a lot of time around there!

Enjoy some more of the many pictures I took this afternoon…

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