“Sanctuary for All”

by Rob on

Some time ago I was zapping a bit through all the Tv channels that I can receive. Somehow I ended up watching Sci Fi channels (which as SF lover happens so often to me). They were broadcasting a chapter of a series that I didn’t know.

In series all kind of strange and often terrifying creatures are roaming the world. Dr. Helen Magnus and her team are trying to give these creatures a home in her sanctuary. This leads to some very thrilling situations.

I like what I saw. The stories are good. The special effects are also very nice. And I love the humour that is going around in the series. And some very pretty ladies are playing in the series as Amanda Tapping (as Dr. Helen Magnus) and Emilie Ullerup (as Ashley Magnus) :P

So last week I ordered the first season of the series. And I really I have to say, I am hooked :). If I have well informed there are now 2 seasons. And as may be understandable, I want the second season as well.

More information on the series on the website Sanctuary for All.

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My book list and DvD list

by Rob on

For some weeks now I am keeping a list of the books that I am reading.

The idea was to place any book there that I have been reading. Comics as “Suske and Wiske” included (so there will be a lot of their books be mentioned there, because I really like them and started to collect them again :) ).
But for some reason I didn’t like the layout I used. For instance, I added for each book a link to site with more information on that specific book. Not a good idea. Links come and go… and even in the short time I have this list a link was not working anymore.
So for some days I have playing around with it and what I have now I like:

  • A scanned picture of the cover (350 pixels in heigth)
  • Date I started to read it
  • The title of the book (and the original title when there is one)
  • Author(s), ISBN Number, year of printing, publishing company
  • Short description of the book

At first description may be short and based on what is written on the cover of book. After finishing the book I may extend the discription and add more information there as what I thought of the book.

Only thing I have to keep an eye on that when there are lots of books with cover-pictures the loading of the page may become slow. Then I will make some kind of archive for the older books or something like that. Time enough to think about that.

I like my book list and because of that I also created a list of DvD’s that I am watching :).

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DVD’s and more DVD’s….

by Rob on

People that know me, know that I have a rather nice collection of DVD’s. And I buy on very regular base new ones. Some times a movie that is just released (in that case I really wanted the movie). But very often it are older movies which I buy cheap at the weirdest places as super markets or second hand fairs (online or not).

Recently it happens more and more often that I buy DVD’s that I already have
So has my friend Dave, who visited me this weekend, one of the “Back to the Future’ movies. And Sanne? I have for you a DVD of the animation movie Final Fantasy. I am sure you like it.

So I have been thinking about a away to prevent (or make it at least less unlikely) that I will buy DVD’s that I have already. The best way would to have a database with all the DVD’s I own with me. Caring me laptop always with me is a bad idea. But I have always my phone with me. Now is the smart phone that I got from Marion more or less a very small computer. So I looked for a small database for my phone.
I found something better. The program I found can read MS Access tables on my laptop and sent them by Bluetooth or USB in its own format to my smart phone. On the phone is a viewer installed to search through the table. A very handy solution…

And I found this way that I have a big pile of DVD’s that I have watched yet :)

I think I might do this as well for my “Suske en Wiske” boeken. I have many of them and I in the mood to start to collect them again :)

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Doctor Who?

by Rob on

Today I was in a local store to buy some wine-glasses. During a recent event some of the ones I had broke, so I needed some new ones.

I was looking around in the store, when suddenly my eye felt on it…. There it was just begging for my attention…. Doctor Who, The collector’s Editon, just for € 20,00… 5 DvD’s with the complete BBC serie of the ninth Dr. Who (Christopher Ecclestton and the cute Billy Pipper as his companion). I couldn’t resist, I just had to buy it…

I just watched 2 episodes of it. and it already worth every euro cent I paid for it. I always was a big Doctor Who fan…. Call me die hard and I will admit that I am :P

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