For us Easter is always a moment to relax. Maybe with a close friend as Sanne, but no big crowds. In our every day life, Marion and I are often surrounded by quite some people. So some days as Easter are perfect to be for a little away from that. This year we have even chosen to be just with the two of us.

So we took this morning a long and enjoyable breakfast. We spent almost 2 hours at the breakfast table. Talking, laughing, enjoying the good food (see the photo at top of this article with al the nice food). Both of us just one egg, we both don’t like eating a lot of eggs as some people do with Easter.
And of course we were not eating all the time. As said, most of the time we were talking and enjoying tea or coffee.

So really time for us.

Easter flowers

I do know that Easter is for many Christians an important festival and holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, described in the New Testament as having occurred on the third day of his burial after his crucifixion.
And that is perfectly fine with me. As said, as long one respect that someone believes other things that are not in line with you own believes and can live and act in full freedom to his/her own convictions (within the laws and such of course), then I support freedom of religion.

But, as yesterday on a forum, someone claims that I should be not allowed to celebrate Easter because I am an atheist, I will explain calmly that Easter originally had nothing to do with Christianity, but it was the celebration of Eostre, who was the pagan goddess of fertility. The rabbit was her sacred animal and the egg the symbol of rebirth. And there we have it again, Christians use very pagan symbols for their celebrations and that is something that is not allowed according the bible (Not that I care, it is their bible. Not mine).

My point? Very simple… every one should celebrate Easter in their own peaceful way!




(Credit photo’s: Rob)

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Easter breakfast

by Rob on

Yesterday we Sanne (who stays with us for Easter), Marion and I did some shopping for Easter breakfast. The idea was that we would prepare it together and enjoy it together.

But things went a little different. It seemed that Sanne was awake rather early this morning. When time arrived to start to prepare the breakfast, Sanne looked around the door of our bedroom and saw that Marion and I were still deeply asleep. So she decided to let us asleep and start to work on the breakfast by her own.

Now I have to admit that on a certain moment when I was more or less awake I heard something in the kitchen. But still half asleep I decided it was not important, turned around, found my favorite pillow (= Marion) and felt asleep again.

Some time later we were waked up by Sanne and she surprised us with a very nice breakfast table….

It was lovely done. Only things that were not on the table when I made the pictures was the dairy butter (Dutch: “Room boter”), which was handled by Sanne on that moment, and the croissants, which were still in the oven.

It all tasted wonderful and we took our time to enjoy this special breakfast. We had some good laughs, but also discussed some more serious subjects.

So the conversation went on a certain moment to Easter itself. All three of us are there mostly on the same line. None of us sees Easter as an Christian celebration any more. Marion and I convinced atheists, while Sanne may believe in something, but which has nothing to do Christianity (and what would be called by Christians and alike heresy, but it up to Sanne to explain this (if she wants to of course).

Without going to deep into the subject, for us Easter is a time to spend together with those you feel close to. And we adapt into the heretic symbols like Easter eggs and Easter bunnies, which funny enough are also adapted by Christianity. To be honest, I believe Christianity had no choice in this, else they would had never found any followers who believed in things like that. You see this with many Christian celebrations.

Neither Marion or I are the kind of atheists that try others to convince of our right. We believe that everyone should have the right to live in the way they prefer, as long they allow others to do the same. As someone I know every well said very recently: This world is big enough for all of us!!!!

Anyway, a happy Easter to you…. no matter how you celebrate it :-).


(Credit photo’s: Rob)

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Today it is Easter and the weather was more then lovely today. It was way to nice weather to stay at home. At first Marion and I were thinking of going to the beach, but somehow we were guessing that beach would be overloaded with people. And that was not what we wanted.
So we decided to make a nice walk somewhere outside of Heemskerk. After looking at a map with the local area we made up our mind and went to the area of “Het Fort bij Veldhuis”. This fortress is part of the Fortification of Amsterdam. A beautiful are to walk. Marion and I really enjoyed the wonderful nature, the warm shining sun and maybe most of all, the silence around us. This kind of moments always makes me feel very close to Marion…

Some pictures….

At the fortress is also an Airwar museum. In the near future I will visit that place. I am curious. And also there seems to be another very nice area to walk, but it is protected to preserve nature and this time of the year it is not allowed to go there. But in June one may go there…. and we most certainly will!

After our walk we returned home. After drinking something together we took a shower, which can be very refreshing with this kind of weather.

And so time for dinner arrived. Because everything that happened in the last weeks, I haven’t done any real cooking for Marion and me. But this Easter weekend I wanted to make something nice for us again…

I bought yesterday two very nice pieces of duck chest fillet. I learned that duck chest fillet is almost always sold with the skin. For some recipes the skin (and the fat under it) can be great, but not for the recipe I wanted to make.
So I had to remove the skin. Luckily I had a very nice and sharp knife for that, but to do it good it is a very precise thing to do. But I managed. Gently I rubbed some salt and pepper on the fillets.
On a high fire I baked the fillets nicely brown, but so that the inside was just medium done.
From fresh orange juice, honey and some butter I made a sauce for the fillets.

I cooked some of those funny, but very well tasting, round carrots. On the dish I spread some parsley over them.
Also I baked some bush mushrooms and after they were well done I added some red wine sauce to them.
In some hot oil I baked some potato rosettes (I have to admit, I love those…). And yes, they were bought and not self-made. Making them self is such an effort and they are very cheap to buy!
And some apple sauce to make it all nicely fresh.

I really have to admit that I loved the duck fillet. It tasted really good.

And as dessert pieces of different kinds of melon. Served with freshly made whipped cream.

As I already said, I liked what I made today. And Marion assured me that is really, really liked it as well. As I type this Marion is already asleep behind me :P). I will finished off this article and then snuggle up with her :)

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