About mobile phones and stairs…

by Jennifer on

Okay, I will be the last to deny the use of mobile phones. I mean it is handy to be able call anywhere someone. And yes, connected to the Internet such a phone has many nice and good uses.

But at times…

About once per month I go to Enschede, which is a very nice city for shopping. Great shops for clothes, shoes, books and CD’s. I find it very relaxing to wander through the city and look around in the shops there. I know some people have problems with understanding that, but hey, to each their own! *SMILE*

Anyway, I was this afternoon in Enschede. Bought some nice new clothes and after having a nice time I decided it was time to go home. So I wandered back to the railway station. I travelled with the bus to Enschede and the bus station is located next to the railway station. I had to wait around 15 minutes on the next bus to bring me home. Being a bit hungry I decided to get a small snack on the railway station.

After eating a nice sandwich I wanted to walk back to the bus station. At the top of the stair I stood for a moment to get good hold of the bags I was carrying. Right on that moment a woman came with big steps out of the station and bumped straight into me. I lost my balance and tumbled down the stairs. I did hurt my knee quite badly.
After I was standing on my feet again the woman who bumped into me asked rather annoyed why I was standing there at the top of the stairs. I was speechless for a moment. Luckily a man who saw it al happen returned the question to that woman why she was walking around looking on her mobile phone, completely unaware of what happened around her. The woman had no reply that….

Luckily after I phoned Miranda she came quickly to pick me up with the car. She insisted that a doctor had a look at my knee. Well, I have to take it for a week very easy with my knee. Bah :-(.

Another things is that my stockings were ruined, but okay those are not that expensive. But the skirt I was wearing had a tear on the backside and that skirt was not old at all and not that cheap. As I failed to ask for the address of that woman, there is no one that will pay for that.

The moral of this story? Mobile phones are useful, but be always aware of what happening around you!!!

ps. The picture on top of the article is not made at the railway station of Enschede. Rob showed us an number of sites where we find pictures that are free to use (public domain is the right term I believe). Rob is very strict on copyright and related matters. And basically that is a good thing!

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Today I found a very nice and very unexpected message in my mailbox…

Dear Rob,

I hope you don’t mind me contacting you out of the blue. I am writing from the BBC’s Science Television Department where we’re in the process of making a major new documentary series about dinosaurs. In this context I am looking for a great crocodile skull and found one that would be perfect on your flickr page:
##link to a picture on my old Flickr-page##

Do you remember where you took this photograph? If so, it would be great if you could let me know.

Thank you ever so much for your time – I look forward to hearing from you.

With best wishes,
xxxxxxxxx (Name removed to ensure the privacy of the writer)

Woohhh… someone is interested in a very old photograph that I made (it was made in 2005)?

I do realize that there are still many photographs on my old Flickr-page, but I have admit that I hardly think of them anymore. This mainly because I am working on my own photo-site, but due many (good) things the time that I can spend on that site is limited.

Do I remember where that photograph was taken? Oh yes, I do most certainly. It was taken at the old Nature Museum in the city of Enschede. I have been there several times when I was young lad and in 2005 I did visit it again. It was then that I made this photograph (among others of course).
The old museum doesn’t exist anymore. It has merged with other local museums into one large museum called “Twentse Welle”.

Of course I did supply the writer of the mail with all information that I could. But really, this mail made me smile many times during the afternoon and the evening :)

Below the photograph it is were all about… but better processed then on my old Flickr-page (I have learned some things since then :P).

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Months ago I bought tickets for the concert that Within Temptation would give in Enschede.

The concert was yesterday and I have to say it was awesome again. For Sanne it was her first live experience with Within Temptation. She only knew them from their bigger hits as “Ice Queen” and “Mother Earth”, but really wanted to see them once live. So Marion and I arranged together as a surprise a ticket for her (even being in the US Marion thinks of the ones that are dear to her :) ). I think after yesterday Within Temptation found a new fan :).

The concert belonged to their “An Acoustic Night at the Theatre”-tour. It was rather different then the other concerts I have seen of them. Lots of acoustic guitar work was involved. I have to say I really liked it.
And Sharon den Adel really a great voice. Clear, strong and a pleasure to listen to
The video effects during the show belong to the best I ever saw. Specially how the band-members interacted with the video-effects

Sadly there was no signing session afterwards, because I would love to have a signed CD by Sharon den Adel (the lead singer) and the other of the band. But somehow the place didn’t fit for that. Maybe the next time.

And of course I got the t-shirt. And Sanne was happy with the one I bought for her. It really looks great on her (she showed off later at her home :) ).. Luckily I could sleep at her place. My old parents house is not a place to be any more since my mother is taken into a nursing home permanently (about that more in another post that I will write soon).

On the brighter side, I have tickets for Katie Melua in December….

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Appreciate what you have…

by Rob on

Right now I sit in the hospital waiting before I can visit my mother (see my last post). Sitting here…. seeing worried people, people with health problems… people in pain… people with an unclear future….
We people are so spoiled… have so many priorities all wrong… In the end it comes all down to people, the people around us every day… no money, no big belongs, no career, no big time things…. just people, those that are everyday close and the ones we care about.

This mood I am having currently made me think of a small movie I saw recently on the Blog of my friend Dave (and which I shamelessly copied from there)….

Appreciate what you have…

*posted through the public Internet-connection of
the MST hospital in the city of Enschede*

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