Marinaded Chicken Fillet

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It feels like ages ago that I prepared dinner for Marion and me. So about time to change that…

I decided to go for something with chicken fillet. I made a marinade based on arachis oil (“peanut oil”). I added salt, paprika, onion, savory, garlic, black pepper, thyme and basil (all fine-cut or as powder). I mixed it all very thoroughly.
I took 2 nice pieces of chicken fillet and placed them for an hour in marinade (turning them every now and then around).
I prepared the marinade it a baking dish, so I put all directly in the oven (for 40 minutes on a temperature 170 degrees Celsius).

After those 40 minutes I took the baking dish from the oven and I removed the chicken fillets from the dish. I covered the bottom the baking dish with bacon. On the bacon I placed the fillets again and on top of it all some French nut based cheese.
For 20 minutes back in the oven (again on a temperature of 170 degrees).

Meanwhile I baked some sliced potatoes with bacon. I vegetables I boiled carrots (those nice round ones) and snow peas, which are always a good combination.

It tasted wonderful and it was very easy to prepare. Who needs more? :)

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Simple wok dish.

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Today I felt lazy, so I was also not really in the mood for real cooking. But on the other side I didn’t want pizza, shoarma or any other fast food. A nice alternative is making a wok-meal.

After the chicken fillet was nice brown baked in a very hot wok-pan, fine cut leek, red unions, chestnut mushrooms, red paprika and parsley was added. Having mixed this all firmly and bringing it on temperature, pandan rice was mixed with it. Stirring it all the time now, because the rice sticks easily to the wok-pan

I made a sauce based on cocos milk, shallots, green chilli pepper, garlic, coriander, sea salt and water.
This all I baked together for a few minutes. Until all was nicely mixed and good heated.

Some Opak Pedis (“Casave Kroepoek”) to it is a good addition.

There a simple, but very nice tasting dish. Cutting and slicing all the ingredients is more work then the actual cooking. The only thing I have to ask Miranda once how to make such a wok-meal look nice on a plate :)

And I have a nice left over for somewhere this week!!!

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Today it is Easter and the weather was more then lovely today. It was way to nice weather to stay at home. At first Marion and I were thinking of going to the beach, but somehow we were guessing that beach would be overloaded with people. And that was not what we wanted.
So we decided to make a nice walk somewhere outside of Heemskerk. After looking at a map with the local area we made up our mind and went to the area of “Het Fort bij Veldhuis”. This fortress is part of the Fortification of Amsterdam. A beautiful are to walk. Marion and I really enjoyed the wonderful nature, the warm shining sun and maybe most of all, the silence around us. This kind of moments always makes me feel very close to Marion…

Some pictures….

At the fortress is also an Airwar museum. In the near future I will visit that place. I am curious. And also there seems to be another very nice area to walk, but it is protected to preserve nature and this time of the year it is not allowed to go there. But in June one may go there…. and we most certainly will!

After our walk we returned home. After drinking something together we took a shower, which can be very refreshing with this kind of weather.

And so time for dinner arrived. Because everything that happened in the last weeks, I haven’t done any real cooking for Marion and me. But this Easter weekend I wanted to make something nice for us again…

I bought yesterday two very nice pieces of duck chest fillet. I learned that duck chest fillet is almost always sold with the skin. For some recipes the skin (and the fat under it) can be great, but not for the recipe I wanted to make.
So I had to remove the skin. Luckily I had a very nice and sharp knife for that, but to do it good it is a very precise thing to do. But I managed. Gently I rubbed some salt and pepper on the fillets.
On a high fire I baked the fillets nicely brown, but so that the inside was just medium done.
From fresh orange juice, honey and some butter I made a sauce for the fillets.

I cooked some of those funny, but very well tasting, round carrots. On the dish I spread some parsley over them.
Also I baked some bush mushrooms and after they were well done I added some red wine sauce to them.
In some hot oil I baked some potato rosettes (I have to admit, I love those…). And yes, they were bought and not self-made. Making them self is such an effort and they are very cheap to buy!
And some apple sauce to make it all nicely fresh.

I really have to admit that I loved the duck fillet. It tasted really good.

And as dessert pieces of different kinds of melon. Served with freshly made whipped cream.

As I already said, I liked what I made today. And Marion assured me that is really, really liked it as well. As I type this Marion is already asleep behind me :P). I will finished off this article and then snuggle up with her :)

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Tenderlion with Red Wine Sauce

by Rob on

Yesterday I wanted to make something nice to eat for Marion and me, but without standing for more then a hour in the kitchen. And of course, there are more then enough options for that.

As I really like some good meat, I did go for some very nice tenderloins…

I baked the tenderloins for around 7 or 8 minutes in butter and olive oil (butter to give the meat a nice color and the olive oil for the better taste). This time makes them nicely medium baked, which Marion and I both prefer. After I baked them I wrapped them in aluminium foil for around 5 minutes. This will make them even more vivacious (wonder if that is a correct translation for the Dutch word “smeuïg”…).

In the still hot butter/oil I fried some oyster mushrooms. Just for a little. Not more then a minute.

Meanwhile I cooked some podded peas. As Miranda told me some time ago, I first boiled the water and then added some salt. If you do the other way around (putting salt in the cold water that you want to boil, which what I aways did) may give ugly spots in your pans and pots. BTW I uses with vegetables just a very salt and preferable sea salt.
Also I prepared some mini potatoes with parsley. I baked them in olive oil until they were nicely done.

For the tenderloins I made a red wine sauce. Which is very simple to do with some red wine, bouillon, butter, flower and pepper. I used a dry red wine, but as Miranda always says, don’t use an expensive wine for sauce (that would be the same as mixing an single malt whiskey with cola :P).

All done in 15 to 20 minutes :)

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A simple romantic dinner

by Rob on

When Marion and I did our shopping today we had planned to make us a nice dinner tonight. We suddenly wondered why an nice romantic dinner always has to be about special and expensive food. We tried to it different this time… and with success to my idea.

We decided to go for dinner with “Shoarma” (often wrongly translated to Kebab).

Often for Shoarma over here in The Netherlands is pork used. But we did go for lamb, which is originally is used for Shoarma. We marinaded the fine cut lamb meat with mixture of cinnamon, garlic, turmeric, union, coriander, sea salt, paprika and cumin. And this all as fine powder (Miranda, thanks for the advices on this).

We baked the marinaded lamb meat in a hot skillet without oil or butter. At same time we baked potatoes slices with parsley.
We served two salads. One based on cucumber with olive oil, the other of a mixtures of different kinds of lettuce with a garlic dressing. Both with herbs as parsley, chive, red unions, black pepper and paprika.

Of course there we also some hot baked pita breads. There were three sauces: A garlic sauce, a whiskey cocktail sauce and a chilli sauce.

Serve out the table nicely. Add candles and a rose…. And there, a romantic dinner for two

It was delicious…

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Fish and Chips

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Today I did visit my doctor again. He really starts to get convinced that my problems are caused by a bad virus. The good news is that I will cure from it. The bad news is that it may take a long time before it is really gone (there are no real medicines against virusses) .
So now we try take care of the other symptoms I have. Next Friday I will visit a doctor who is specialized in the throat and noise area. Maybe he can take way the awful feelings in my throat.

Back in Haaksbergen I had dinner at the Markt 2 again. Just yesterday I have seen a TV program about Fish and Chips. So when I noticed this on the menu I ordered this.
A long time ago I had Fish and Chips in England… Maybe that was the original Fish and Chips. But I have to say that I like the ones I had today a lot more. Not so fat and more tasteful. This way it was very yummie.

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I have to admit that I eat very regularly out of house. I just love good food… but that doesn’t mean it always has to be very expensive or a strange dish from even a stranger country.

So yesterday I ordered an omelet in lunchroom in Hengelo. A good omelet is something I really like. Well, what shall I say… The omelet I got served was not really bad… but it was also nothing special! Just two sandwiches dropped on a plate. Some cheese and meat on those. And top of those some baked eggs…

As said, not really bad… But last week I had an omelet at a restaurant here in my hometown. It was just 1 euro more expensive, but it was worth that. They used not normal bread, but so called “black” bread. The cheese and meat were of a superior quality. It contained more ingredients then a normally simple omelet… as mushrooms, unions and a lot more. The plate was nice decorated with the food. And that all for one 1 euro more….

The result? One place I will not go back again and another I love the see more of what they serve…

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