The Christmas Cactus (or “Lidcactus” as it is called in Dutch) is a very popular plant for indoors. They belong to the genus Schlumbergera (part of the Cactaceae family). Its origin are the coastal mountains of Brazil.

Cultivars of the this plant can have white, pink, yellow, orange, red or purple flowers. It is an easy to keep plant with low demands.

If taken care of properly it will bloom around Christmas (hence the name) and/or Eastern.


So why an article on this plant?

Well, in 2014 we had a family reunion (from my father’s side). It was very nice to meet all these people. A very enjoyable day. There was a special gift, a cutting from a Christmas cactus that once belong to my grandmother. My grandmother passed away just before I was born (March 1963).
I have to say that I was very happy with this cutting.


Sorry for the low quality of the photo above, but it is the only one I have of the cuttings.

In the months after the reunion the Christmas Cactus started to grow, so it showed it was a healthy plant. And as said, I was happy to have it. Then, a few moths after the reunion, a nephew posted a photo of his Christmas Cactus with a beautiful flower. So I was hopeful that mine also would bloom soon. But no, nothing happened.

And since then, the plant was growing, but no flowers.

Lid cactus

Until a week ago, when I noticed that, the plant started to grow flower buds. Now, more as 3 years later, my Christmas Cactus starts to bloom. And such beautiful flowers!

Over the winter I will take some cuttings from the plant. You know, just in case!

Lidcactus Rob
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As grandmother would do it…

by Rob on

I think we all know these kind of grandmothers wisdom and solutions to all kind of daily problems. Most of the time they sound weird and are very doubtful to work, but not always…

As people may know I use to write a fountain pen (or ink pen as some people can them). This pen has belonged to my father and it is very dear possession to me.
Last week I was wearing this pen in the pocket of my shirt. Somehow the top of the pen got loose and caused a big ink stain in my shirt. I was about to throw away the shirt, when I got the idea to google if there is a way to remove such an inkt stain.

And I found something… Just put the part of the shirt with the stain overnight in a disk of milk. I tried it and it really works. This morning the ink stain was completely gone…
Unbelievable, but it seems very clear that all these simple solution from the past are not always nonsense…..

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