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Haaksbergen is a municipality and a town in the eastern Netherlands, in the province of Overijssel, in the Twente region. There are around 25.000 inhabitants. Haaksbergen covers 105.55 km² ground (of which water: 0.27 km²).
First signs of people living in the area of Haaksbergen were found at the Buursebeek and are from around 800 years before the year 0. This was of course before the town was founded. The first time Haaksbergen was mentioned is around the year 800.

So why this interest for Haaksbergen? It is the town where I was born, grew up and I am still living.
And although the town changed a lot over the years, I still love this town.
Most of the people who write here on this weblog have a close bound with Haaksbergen, but even Patricia (how lived and grew up in Noord Holland) and Mel (our friend from Greece) claims that the town has now a special spot in their heart now.

I can tell for a long time about how Haaksbergen is nowadays, but I would say come and have a look yourself. But I thought it would be nice to share some things from the past of Haaksbergen. And also on that matter there is so much to tell.
So I thought it would be even more nice to write something about (more or less) old places in Haaksbergen that has a special meaning to one of more of us


Hotel Assinkbos
Half way between Haaksbergen and Eibergen we find Hotel Assinkbos, at least that is what is used to be. Currently it is not in use any more and that is a pity.
But it has also been the home of Disco Silver Shadow. Marion, Jennifer, Miranda (although she was living in Eibergen at that time), Rob and I have been more than once to Silver Shadow. I knew Marion already at that time, but the others not. We may have been there at the same time. And now all of us are best friends.
Very good memories of Silver Shadow.


Markt 2

Markt 2, next to the town hall of Haaksbergen, have been the practice of a general practitioner and a dentist, who has been my dentist. More recently it was a very good restaurant known as “Eetcafe Markt 2”. Most of us have have very good memories of the Markt 2. But for Marion and Rob this was really a special place (you should ask themselves why :P).
It was a sad moment that the Markt 2 was closed. Now there is a new restaurant called “De Kornuiten”, which is not bad, but in no way to compare with the old Markt 2.


Zwembad Scholtehagen

Another place that doesn’t exist any more… “Openlucht Zwembad Scholtehagen”. I never understood why they closed it. I really miss the opportunity to swim outside. Especially now more and more at lakes and streams, it is not recommended (or even forbidden) to swim. Sure, we have now an indoor swim paradise, but it is just not the same.
Marion and I both learned (ourselves) to to swim in one of the brooks close to my parents farm. I would not be surprised if Jennifer and Rob learned to swim at Scholtehagen.


Oostendorper Watermolen

And here, all of us has been, including Mel and Patricia: The Oostendorper Watermolen.
The ones that grew up in Haaksbergen swum here, made walks through the surrounding forests.
I even can remember that Rob told me that when he was a young boy he once went fishing here, the first and the last time he did that.
The Oostendorper Watermolen with its 3 wheels, unique in The Netherlands. The watermill was build in 1548. After restoration in 1987 the watermill is fully functional again.


De Biester

And then there was restaurant De Biester. How many times have not been at De Biester, alone or as a group? I stopped already counting a long time ago. It was always good to be there.
Sadly begin 2017, De Biester had to close the doors. I think everyone of us felt that as a big loss. Another place we loved to go gone.
But end of last year, a new restaurant was opened in the building. I heard good things about “Bianca’s Eetcafé, but I haven’t been there yet. So my suggestion is to go there when we all are in Haaksbergen again. Would be nice.

Really have to say that I enjoy telling about our town. So I think I will do that again, maybe when I have found more photo’s or when I find something that worth to share. Keep an eye on it :-)



Photo view on Haaksbergen: Rob (Thank you :P).
Postcard Hotel Assinkbos: In possession of my parents.
Photo Markt 2: Legaat Mej. Wiedenbroek
Photo Scholtehagen: Openlucht Zwembad
Photo Restaurant De Biester: Bombardement rond Buurserstraat

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De Markt 2, Haaksbergen

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Today Rob and I had lunch at Grand Café Central in the town of Haaksbergen. Their omelets and fried eggs are very good. We have there many times before.

We had a very nice chat, but I noticed that both our eyes drifted to the building were once was café “De Markt 2”, which had to close earlier this year over a renting and maintenance conflict.
“De Markt 2” was very dear to us, because it was on the terrace belonging to this café that Rob en I met.
I will never forget the man sitting in the sun reading a newspaper and enjoying a cup of coffee. He reacted very friendly when I asked him if he would mind if I had a cup of coffee at his table as all other tables were taken. We had a nice talk… and that was the beginning of everything, because that man was Rob.

How many times did we not have great evenings there. Alone with the two of us, or with the others like Sanne, Marissa and the rest of the group. I remember Sanne dancing on the table there *EVIL* .
And even years after Rob moved to Heemskerk, they still knew what beer and in what glass he wanted his beer… “Een fluitje Grolsch Premium Pilsner” *SMILE* .

So yes, we feel a bit bad about what happened to “De Markt 2” and specially when were so close to it. I heard stories that maybe someone else might re-open it again. Maybe stupid, but that would not be the same. We do miss it a lot…

The photo above I had still on my iPhone. That is “De Markt 2” as I want to remember it…

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“Recreatie-vijver” Haaksbergen

by Rob on

This weekend Marion and I made a nice walk at the large pond just outside Haaksbergen known as “De Recreatie-vijver” (The Recreation Pond). But folks from Haaksbergen will most likely know it better as “De Bergingsvijver” (The Storage Pond).

This pond is artificial and was created in 1975. The goal of this pond was to store water in to prevent the flooding of the nearby streets. Hence the original name “Storage Pond”.

In the years that followed it turned out that this pond had also a very high recreational value. In the winter people came there to skate. And in the summer it was very nice to swim and to fish. The area is also wonderful to wander around. As the pond is rather deep, it turned out that swimming was too dangerous and is nowadays forbidden.
But still it is good place to fish. There are even some fishing spots created for people with a physical handicap.

The surrounding now more like a park. Big trees, bushes and nice lawns to saunter around on and seats to take a break

Many different kind of birds can be found around the pond. One of the two islands in the pond is normally not accesable by humans to offer an safe breeding spot for these birds.

Although it is nowadays forbidden, it was here where I as a young boy learned to swim. It was also one of the very few places where I fished (if I remember well, I fished twice in my life and once of those two times here at “De Bergingsvijver”). And it was of course a nice place to hang around with friends on warm days.
Marion also had memories of swimming here when she was young. She also remembered that as a young girl she took “her lovers” there. But she assured me that not much happened then apart from some shy kisses.

It was nice to walk there with all the memories coming back. Is it not awesome that we still have so many new things to tell each other?

“De Bergingsvijver”, or lets use its current name, “De Recreatievijver”, is now part of a big area meant for recreation. There are sportsfields for soccer, hockey and athletics. One can play tennis. The old “Oosterdorper” watermil is there, as is the old park “Het Scholtehagen”. There is modern swimming paradice. And a very good steakhouse.

I really can enjoy it to visit these places of the past. They bring back memories you almost forgot that you had them. Specially when you can share these memories with someone special.

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Although I was born in the city of Amsterdam, I spent the most of my live in a town called Haaksbergen. Haaksbergen is a town in the eastern part of the Netherlands. My parents moved from Amsterdam to Haaksbergen when I was very young (I was around one and a half years old). I have dear memories of this town. But every time I visit Haaksbergen again, I am surprised how fast a town can change. But at the same time so many memories are still bound to so many things.

One of the thing I was very curious of was if the house that belonged to my mother was still untenanted. I was told that after my mother passed away the house has been empty for a very long time, but not anymore…

New people are living there now. Of course, that was bound to happen. It would useless to let the house stay unused. But somehow it is a little weird to realize that after the house been more than 30 years in our family, there now other people living there.
Anyway, I hope that the people who are living there now (seems to be a Cassandra and Paul) will be happy there. The house is maybe older, but it is big. A very large living room, a nice kitchen, 3 large bed rooms, a smaller bedroom, an attic and a nice garden. And the price they asked a year ago for it, was even below what I had to pay for my apartment (which makes the differences in house prices and their site very clear).
Of course it brought back memories of my mother who passed away last year. So I was very happy that Sanne and Marion were with me there.

But there are also many nice and good memories around that house.

There were these small passages between the houses. They were used to give access to the sheds, but also were meant as an escape route in case of fire. As young kids we played there a lot. You could run around there. Play hide and seek. Climb on the roofs of the sheds (which wasn’t allowed of course). Great memories.

We also visited “De Wilder”, a beautiful “tropical swimming paradise” (as they call it). I used to swim there a lot. And I have to admit, it is much nicer than the place where I always go swimming in Heemskerk. But I am not complaining, I am happy with the location there. At least it has also those “herb baths” and a sauna close by.

The swimming made us hungry and it was about time to have lunch. “Grand Café Centraal” is a great place for a lunch. They have some awesome sandwiches with fried egg and ham (and other stuff). Apart from the wind, the weather was nice. So we had our lunch outside on the terrace. There you have a wonderful view on the Pancratius Church, a Catholic church. I am an atheist, but I do like churches as historical buildings very much. And the Pancratius Church is really a beautiful building.

After lunch we made a walk through the center of town. Well, call it a ride down the memory-lane. Because that was exactly what it was. As said, a lot changed and at the same time a lot is the same. One thing I really like about Haaksbergen or Oldenzaal (as I know now since last Friday) or even Enschede (although that is a city) is a nice center of town with cafes, restaurants, terraces and such. A nice place where it is on sunny evenings very neighborly and convivial.
Sadly Heemskerk has nothing like that. There is a square in the middle of town with shops around and just 1 small terrace and that is it. There are some terraces spread over town, but there is no “social center” of town. A pity that is. If there would be have something like that, we would go to town a lot more often as we do now.
Luckily Alkmaar, Haarlem and Amsterdam are close by to make up for that.

One thing I really like about Haaksbergen is that there still so much is left of it’s history. Just look around and you will see it.

Our walk brought us to the Bergingsvijver, just outside Haaksbergen. As a boy I used to swim there, but swimming is not allowed here anymore (might be dangerous for health and such). Also I did here my first (and last) attempt to fish. I already found out that fishing is nothing for me. And no, I don’t believe the story that fishes don’t feel pain (and even if they wouldn’t, all the stress it causes to them). Never touched a fishing rod again and that is good this way…

At the isle in the “Bergingsvijver” that you can reach by a bridge we found something nice. We had to look at it for a little before we saw the idea behind it…

First we thought that the text was mirrored, but that was not the case. It was Sanne who said “Look into the water”. And she was right, in the water the reflected text was normally readable… “Oplossen in hemel en aarde. Niet verdwijnen” (“Resolve in air and soil. Not dissapearing”). We pondered a bit what they could mean with that and we all had our own thoughts about it. Anyway, I really liked the idea.

Back in town we went to “De Markt 2”, the place were I went so often in the past. Sanne did leave us there while she declared with one of her funny faces that Marion and I should have the rest of the day for us alone. Silly girl… she know she always welcome with us, but yet it was appreciated.

Marion and I enjoyed some beer and wine on the terrace of “De Markt 2”. We sat there for a long time. Talked, laughed, chatted with other people. It almost felt as the old times. The atmosphere was very good.
At a certain moment it became really cold outside. So we went inside of “De Markt 2”. As it was more then about dinner time, we ordered something nice to eat. After we finished dinner, we went to the bar to have something more to drink. I enjoyed it a lot and so did Marion. We had lots of fun with the people at the bar, the people of “De Markt II” included. Somewhere the feeling of “being home” came up to me…. This is what I missed so much.
Don’t get me wrong. I love my apartment. I love my job and the people I work with…. But if only those darn Noord-Holland folks would be a bit more as those from Twente….

Ah well, it was a great weekend. Something I needed, so this we do a lot more… (and yes Sanne, next time you can stay with us at “De Markt 2” :P).

All with all, a weekend to remember!!!

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An old movie from 1972….

by Rob on

My brother sent me a link to an Youtube-movie of which he thought that would be nice for me to watch. And he was right…

It was a movie from 1972 and it about the blood transfusion campaign of Dutch Red Cross Haaksbergen. In 1972 I was 9 years old.
The nicest thing about the movie is that my father and my brother can be seen in it. In the beginning two men can be seen who are unloading the “Ford Transit”. The man who with his hands full pillows turn towards the camera is my father (who passed away 14 years ago).

It is a bit strange. Of many things and persons that can be seen in the movie I have memories.
So I can remember very well Hotel Centraal”, but that is already gone for a very long time. I can remember the blue “Ford Transit” that the Dutch Red Cross Haaksbergen used for transportation.

I am happy to have this movie.

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A view from the past…

by Rob on

I don’t know why, but today I looked up on Streetview of Google Maps the house in Haaksbergen where I lived for so many years. When you look up something on Streetview of Google Maps you expect to see the current situation, but that is of course impossible.

But still it is very weird to see something there of which you know it is not there anymore. The picture of the house where I used the live on Google Maps is at least a year old. That means it still belonged to our family. It is so familiar… the curtains for the windows… the plants in the garden… the lamp next to the door…. even with a close look at the picture one could see the name plate next to the door that told that My parents were living here.

But as said, it is a view from the past… Earlier this year when my mother was taken for permanent in the caring-home we made the house empty… literally empty and that was already strange enough. It is all gone now. New people moved into the house and they decorated it all in their own way, not knowing of the past of the house.

Although explainable by logic, it is strange to see such a view from the past…

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Last Friday, after work, I travelled towards the town of Oldenzaal. I took the afternoon off, so I would arrive in time.

Main goal of this trip was to visit my mother, who stays in a home in Haaksbergen. As I wrote already before here on my blog, I am very worried about my mothers health. Lately her health is getting weaker and weaker again. Even this week there was more bad news as now turned out my mother has also problems with her coronary.

I care a lot about my mother and I love to visit her, but these visit take a lot of energy and cause a lot of emotions. That is why I try to combine these visits with some things enjoyable. Now don’t get me wrong, the visits to my mother are fun too, but as said they take a lot of me because my mother is so precious to me.

So it has been some time that i saw my friend Patrick. I dropped him a mail if I would be welcome at his place for the Friday evening. A reply arrived soon telling me that I was and at the same time I got an invitation to come that evening along to “Twente Ballooning”.

Twente Ballooning is a yearly returning event about air-balloons and is one of the most spectacular events on this subject we have over here in The Netherlands.

So around 6 o’clock Friday afternoon I arrived in the town of Oldenzaal. Patrick was already waiting at the station. It was good to see him again. At his home we ate with his two sons a pizza (pizza is always good :P).

As a little miracle the weather turned after days with lost of heavy rain to an enjoyable temperature and the sky was almost free of clouds..

The event itself was great. We wandered around and looked at the balloons that were showed there. The ones with special designs were awesome to see. But also the many stalls were fun to watch.

Around 10 o’clock there was this special event they called “Nightglow”. An awesome show around some air-balloons with special light effects and wonderful fireworks. I truly enjoyed to watch this. I really prefer this kind of organized fireworks as the fireworks people themselves have on new years eve. They are way more beautiful, less dangerous and less disruptive for those that don’t like them (and lets not forget that new years fireworks are a real load for the environment).

I did spend the night at Patrick’s house. Next morning after breakfast and some coffee Patrick bought me to the station, from where I travelled to Haaksbergen.

Sanne was right when she warned me that my mother looked weak and sick. As I already knew it did hurt me to see my mother like this. You could see on her face that she was cramped and felt uncomfortable. She lost weight again and is now under 40 kilograms again… which is way too less.
We talked for a long time. Many subjects passed by. It still remarkable that she can be so optimistic after all that happened.

With a heavy heart I went after visiting my mother to Marion’s parents. Her mum and dad are wonderful people. They noticed directly how I felt and were comforting. But without lying or not facing the truth. We all know that the situation around my mother is not very positive. I am really happy with knowing Marion’s father and mother.

Close to the afternoon Marion arrived at her parents place. She was staying at Sanne’s place and was surprised that I already arrived. She thought I would have stayed longer at Patrick’s place before travelling to Haaksbergen. We had lunch together and Marion’s mother really presented a very nice filled table.
After lunch and coffee Marion and I went to her place. As I have only a shower in my apartment, I always take the opportunity to enjoy the bathtub Marion has. This tub is larger as an normal one and had more then enough room for 2 persons (I know :P). I find it very relaxing to lay in a warm bath and let your thoughts float around.

Later in the afternoon Marion and I made a walk through the centre of Haaksbergen. It was weird to walk there again. Haaksbergen is the town were I did grow up and lived for many years. And since the few months that I live now in Heemskerk things are already changing in Haaksbergen. And yet it is a town with a warm spot in my heart.

At the terrace of “De Markt 2” we drank something and had some snacks. This terrace is very special to us, because this is the place where we did for the first time ever met. It was fun, because we were sitting under this big parasol while it was raining rather hard. Marion and I were all alone on the terrace and I don’t think the personal of “De Markt 2” were not that happy with us. But I think the tip we gave made that all good.

Late in the afternoon we went in the direction of Heemskerk. Some where along the road we had dinner. Nothing special, but nevertheless good.
Once in Heemskerk we prepared for a nice evening together. Marion took even for her doings a very long shower, while I prepared for a nice evening. All evening we cuddled on up on the couch watching a nice movie. Some beer and wine… some snacks… Life can be wonderful.

This morning started with breakfast on bed and this time I was the one who could stay in bed. Marion made a nice breakfast with hot kaiser-breads with garlic herbs cheese, soft boiled eggs and a nice tea.
Because of the bad weather (most of the time it was raining) we stayed inside. Talked a lot, read a bit and enjoyed ourselves. Got in the evening some very nice Chinese food and watched some tv again. Somewhere during the evening we made during one of the moments it was not raining a walk to get some fresh air.
The bad things about the bad rainy weather as we had it today is that you don’t want to go outside, but the nice thing is that it becomes quickly very cosy when you are together.
Tomorrow Marion will leave for some days abroad again…

So all with all it was not really a bad or negative weekend. Sure there were things to think about and subjects to make my mind clear about (if possible at all). But it is about balance… and this weekend this balance is very clearly positive…

And Marion? Right behind me asleep in my bed…

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A sad job to do….

by Rob on

Those that know me or read here regular might know that the health of my mother got rather bad over the last years. Even so bad that she was not capable to care for herself anymore. Now more then a year ago she was taken into a nursing home. They wanted to try to teach my mother to deal with her health problems and learn to live on herself again. Sadly this failed in a very bad way. So now it is decided that she will be taken into that nursing home permanently.

Only the fact already that my mother cannot take care of herself anymore by those health problems gives me a sad feeling. Sure, my mother had already health problems for a very long time. But even after the death of my father she lived for many years in a very good way on herself. That is now sadly the past.

But all this leaded to something else. The house where my mother used to life must be cleaned out and given back to cooperation that rented it to her.

This house has been over 40 years part of our family. I know every corner and spot of it. I always felt comfortable there. And now this all soon will be gone.

Together with my brother and sister we started to clean out the house. Furniture is taken out and given away. The closets and boxes and looked through. Sure we find many things that bring back good memories, but also sad memories are there. A lot happened in and around this house.
Some items will be given away to friends of my mother. Other things are shared between my brother, sister and me. This all of course after talking it through with my mother. After all her body causes problems, her mind is clear and sharp as it can be.

With every piece of furniture and each item that leaves the house a little of the “soul of the house” leaves. And even now already it is not anymore a place where I like to be. The house is dead.

I am grateful that I have rather some things in my new house in Heemskerk that will keep up the memories of the times that I did spend here in this house.

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A picture of old times…

by Rob on

The nice thing about packing all your stuff to move to another place is that you find all these things where you had no idea about that you (still) had it.

So today we found a postcard of the block of flats where we used to live. This was the first home of our family after moving from Amsterdam to Haaksbergen. I have only a few pictures from that time and most likely the only one of the building itself.
The flats don’t exist anymore. They were thorn down years ago.

There is a circle drawn around the apartment where we used to live…

I am happy to have found this postcard so I have a picture of the building where I once lived. But also the backside of it is interesting. On the backside we can read who manufactured the postcard…

The postcard was made by (or rather: made for) J.A.J. Strengers & Zn. N.V.

Strengers used to be a shop in Haaksbergen that was specialized in souvenirs, household items and toys. It was run by two elderly ladies. The building where their shop was is still there, but there are now other shops in it. Although funny enough one is still a toyshop and it is there were used to be the toy department of Strengers.

Also take a look at the telephone numbers. They are only 4 positions. Nowadays the phone number of Haaksbergen are 7 positions (without the area number).

It is nice to know that at least two items that were bought at the store of Strengers will travelling with me to my new home. A small wooden box to store small valuable items and a newspaper rack….

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It is going to happen…

by Rob on

About what I already wrote before here on my blog is going to happen. I will move away from Haaksbergen. To to get closer to my work, but also to have a place of my own again. Although I have nothing to complain about the room that I am currently renting, more then a year is enough of that.

I will be moving to the town of Heemskerk. I will rent there a nice apartment with an option to buy it when I like it there. And the change that I will like it is rather big. There are many good sides of it. Things as there is a shopping centre right next to it with anything I need daily. Shops as a supermarket, a bakery, a butcher, a barber and much more.
Another very nice thing that it take only 15 minutes on a bicycle to get to the beach. I just love the sea and it is way too long ago that I have seen it. I think I will spend lots of time there.
And so there are many more good things about the apartment and the surrounding area.

Most of all, it will be good to have a place of my own again….

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