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It is weird how suddenly the way things go can change… from easy going to very chaotic. During the night before the last one my mother was taken in to the hospital.
It must have been around 1 am when she called me. She was having breathing problems and was feel very oppressed. I didn’t trust the situation for a moment and called the emergency phone-number. After hearing me, an ambulance arrived with a few minutes and brought my mother and me to the hospital in the city of Enschede.

After all kind examinations (which took from 2am to around 6am) they made the diagnose that she had a sincere inflammation of her respiratory tracts. This may have been for a healthy person nothing to serious, but for my mother and her weak health is really a serious matter.
That is why they decided to keep my mother in the hospital to treat her with strong antibiotics and they could monitor her all the time.
Yesterday I heard there were some other complications.  The blood pressure of my mother was way too low, which is strange because normally it is way too high. Also the found out that my mother was dehydrated.

All with all not the best situation, but my mother could be nowhere else better as in the hospital where she is now. Although every time I walk into the unit where she is, I get it strange feeling. It is the same unit where my father died of lung cancer. Not related to the situation of my mother, but the emotions are there.

Lets hope that antibiotics will soon start to work and that my mother regathers her strength. Anyway, as I look at it now I think my mother will be in the hospital with Christmas.

Me? It is hitting me harder then I thought. I was doing rather lately well and my health was recovering slowly. But right now I feel lousy… physical and mental. But I think when the situation of my mother changes for the better, this will turn very fast in the good direction as well again.

Lets hope for all the best….

And oh Marion, thank you being there and being such a good friend

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Just read on the log of a friend that his new girlfriend is in a hospital. That is of course very bad news and I hope whatever may happened to her, soon will be cured if possible.

Yet he used some words that made me deeply ponder… and yes, I do realize that he words were written of his current situation….

But still…. Am I only thinking about myself? Not bothering about anyone else but me? Sure, I placed myself as very important something into my live…. but is that only thinking about my self? No, I don’t think so… when you are balanced you are much more capable of caring of others.

Am I egoistic because I don’t have a partner? Again, no I don’t feel like that. Especially the last 2 years I am sharing things with others more then ever before.

Me? I just hope that my friends partner will be alright… That is all.

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Fish and Chips

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Today I did visit my doctor again. He really starts to get convinced that my problems are caused by a bad virus. The good news is that I will cure from it. The bad news is that it may take a long time before it is really gone (there are no real medicines against virusses) .
So now we try take care of the other symptoms I have. Next Friday I will visit a doctor who is specialized in the throat and noise area. Maybe he can take way the awful feelings in my throat.

Back in Haaksbergen I had dinner at the Markt 2 again. Just yesterday I have seen a TV program about Fish and Chips. So when I noticed this on the menu I ordered this.
A long time ago I had Fish and Chips in England… Maybe that was the original Fish and Chips. But I have to say that I like the ones I had today a lot more. Not so fat and more tasteful. This way it was very yummie.

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When your health is more or less good, you mostly don’t think to much about it. But when your health is giving you troubles, it suddenly turns into a very important issue.

Today I have been to my doctor to hear the result of examination of my bowels. Although it was not possible for them to examine all of them, they have found nothing serious. And this is good, because when you have in this way problems with your bowels, it may be not that positive.

Next step will be again my blood. The doctor wants to see my blood when I have a real bad fever attack. Maybe this will lead to an answer why I have these fever attacks, what causes these pains in my lungs, throat and respiratory tracts… why I sleep so bad…. I would be happy to feel better again.

But on the other side my life has changed in such a positive way that I will conquer this problems for sure.

Proof? I cannot give…. but years ago I would have freaked out by something like this. And now I go afterwards such an examination to my beloved Markt 2 and ponder about it all while enjoying a bokbeer and having a wonderful omelet with ham, cheese and more on “black” bread…

That is the way to handle problems… always from the positive side. Even when things are not all going exactly the way you want it, life is there to live…. count on that!

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