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This week I found the “Heemskring” in my postbox. The “Heemskring” is the magazine of the “Historische Kring Heemskerk” (Historical Circle Heemskerk).

I am getting this magazine because I am member of this society (obviously!). Now one can wonder why someone, who is just living for a few years in Heemskerk, is member of such a society. Well, that is simple. I am always interested in the history of the place where I am living. I think I know my share of the history of the towns where I have lived (Amsterdam, Haaksbergen, Borne Ov. and Heemskerk).

The stories in the magazine are great to read. Like in the last issue there is an article about a “hofje” (a small court) that sadly is not there any more, just as the windmill that used to be near to it. Or the interesting article about Gerrit van Assendelft.
I think that understanding the history of the area where you are living is important, it makes you feel more related to the area. And isn’t that important for the place that you want to call home?

But there is also another thing to it. Through the magazine and the website of the “Historische Kring Heemskerk I found quite some spots to make photo’s. I really like to make photo’s of historical locations, so the magazine and website are for this great resources.

Now I hope that I can make the time to join one of their meetings.



(Credit photo: Historische Kring Heemskerk)

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An old dilapidated house…

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Just outside Heemskerk there is an old dilapidated house. Seen it many times and have even consider to go for some pictures. Somehow never got to it.
Until some days ago a colleague photographer from Heemskerk told me that it might soon not reachable anymore. This because the town council was considering to sell it.

So this morning Marissa (a niece of Marion) and I went to this old abandoned house just outside the town of Heemskerk…

I knew nothing about this house… that is until I looked up the address of the house on the Internet: “Rijksstraatweg 217 Heemskerk”.

And now it gets really interesting. It turns out that this old house is a monument: Rijksstraatweg 217 was built around 1900 as a horticulturist home. The property is known as “De Vlotter”. The building is situated on the west side of the Rijksstraatweg and is on some distance from the road. It is surrounded by horticultural areas.

Most likely stood on this site, or in the immediate vicinity, the in 1869 demolished homestead “De Vlotter”. According to information from the “Historische Kring Heemskerk” is the horticulturist house built on the foundations of the former homestead.

Sadly the building is in very bad shape.

For more information (in Dutch): De Vlotter

The door at the backside was open, so I could enter it without any problems.

I looked at the stairs to the first floor of the house. The wood of the stairs was in such a bad condition that I decided not to go upstairs.

The house has electricity. There were even some light bulbs, but I didn’t dare to try one of the light switches. But the fact that the house has electricity means that it must be abandoned not that long ago.

Although abandoned?

Seems that the house has been used by someone to sleep there, which would explain that the door on the backside was open. Not my favourite place to spend a night, but then I do realize that not everyone is so fortunate to have a place to live.

Anyway, I am happy to have been there today and to make some pictures, because any time soon it may indeed not be allowed to go there anymore.

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Transformers: Dark of the Moon

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Yesterday Marion and I have been to the cinema watching the new Transformer-movie. I have seen them all in the cinema, so I wanted to see this new one also in a cinema.

Since I am living in the town of Heemskerk and I wanted to visit a cinema, I always went to the Pathé cinema at Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena. A big modern cinema with very good equipment. But there are two downsides to this cinema: No break during the movie and it is around an hour travelling to get there by train (and train is the best option to go to Amsterdam).

I knew there was also a cinema in the city of Beverwijk, but for some reason I never considered that one to go to.
But somewhere last week someone told me that this cinema is also very nice and have also very good equipment so they can show 3D movies as well. Listening to this advice the cinema of Beverwijk suddenly became a very nice option. This because I read on their website that they do have a break during the movie, which is very nice during a long movie. But what is even more, it is very close to where I am living. It only around 5 kilometres from where I live, a distance that you can even walk with nice weather.

Suddenly we had several options of going to the cinema… by car, by train, by bicycle or walking. As Marion and I wanted to go to the movie that started at 21:30 train would not be option, as the last train back to Heemskerk would have left before the end of the movie.
Marion has been drinking some wine earlier the evening and maybe wanted to drink some more at the cinema, the car was also no option.
So we did go for the bicycles. Normally when Marion needs a bicycle when she is here, she can borrow one of a neighbours here. But this neighbour wasn’t home yesterday, I took Marion on the back of my own bicycle. It has been ages since I had someone on the back of my bicycle and I had to get used to that again (and Marion had to get used to sitting on the back of one again :P), but it gave us many laughs.

Cineworld, the cinema of Beverwijk, is really a nice place to be. A modern well decorated building. There is nice looking restaurant (maybe an idea for the next time) and a nice bar/counter where you can buy things to eat and to drink during the movie. Nice is that they serve Grolsch beer (as everyone must know my favourite beer :P ). But they are clever there, the serve also Heineken and Corona beer and with that I think they can make most beer drinkers happy.
But they also sell wine, chips, chocolate, candy and so on.

The movie itself? I loved it. No, there is no storyline with a meaningful background… no deep going truth… no moral to the story… Forget all about that. There is just one long enjoyable flow of awesome action with special effects of unbelievable quality. And this all in superb 3D (here I have to rely on the judgement of Marion, but I fully believe her in that.

Patrick took a quote from the MSN Movie Blog and yes, that quote says it all:
“Yes, it’s true. There’s a buzz around the new Transformers. What we’ve been allowed to see so far has demonstrated that it can take the 3D blockbuster to the next level of ‘woah’ factor. It promises a final action sequence that is essentially a one-hour battle.

To hell with the storyline! This is the cinematic equivalent of a Metallica concert.

A pitty was that Megan Fox wasn’t playing in the movie. No real bad thing to say about Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, but somehow it is a spot where Megan Fox belongs. On the side, comparing your producer with Hitler is not a very clever thing to do (and this is what Megan Fox did).

So yes, I enjoyed the movie… I liked the cinema… and I loved the company :). Has to be said that I think it is great that Marion came with me to see a movie that is not really her thing. But it seemed she enjoyed herself and it was great to have her there.

On our way home we made a small d-tour to show Marion a small lake I found some time ago just outside Beverwijk. I really like it and so different in the darkness of the night. We made a nice walk around it before returning home. Once there again, before going to bed, we emptied the bottle of wine that I opened yesterday.

All with all, another wonderful evening!!!!!

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On April 30th we over here in The Netherlands we celebrate Queensday, the day that we celebrate the birthday of our queen. Now is April 30th the birthday of the mother of Queen Beatrix (who’s birthday is really on January 31th). But she decided when she became the queen of our country to keep this national celebration on 30th April.

Anyway, after all that happened recently I am not in a celebration mood. And even more, Marion and I are rather tired. So going to a busy celebration in Haarlem, not even to mention Amsterdam, was not what we wanted.

So we decided at the end of the morning to have a look at the Queensday celebration in Heemskerk. Although still busy that was more after our mood. It reminded us more at how Queensday was celebrated in Haaksbergen. Just other streets and buildings, but for the rest the same. We both liked it.

The free market was fun. A free market is where people may sell things without the need to have a permit. As far as I know Queensday is one of the very few occasions that this allowed. A lot of second hand things are sold. Very nice to watch.
A pity that I didn’t have the list with the titles of my “Suske en Wiske” collection with me. Many were second hand offered. Maybe this was a possibility to add now books to my collection. Ah well, next year!

I really liked the show of old tractors. The were so nice to watch. Ah well, blood crawls where it cannot go :).

Marion and I had lunch at “In de Kas”. We have been there before and just as the last time, we enjoyed it this time again. The soup and breads were delicious again. It is really good place for lunch or to have some snacks.

After some time we went home again. We enjoyed the Queensday celebration in Heemskerk. But we both we still very tired. Once home again, we both were in for a nap.

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A nice weekend

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Yesterday Patrick came to Heemskerk. He haven’t seen my house since I moved in. Since then a lot changed on the decoration. So it was nice to show and brag a bit about it all.

I think he liked what I have done to the house. Well, I am very happy with it and that is of course what is most important.

Patrick helped me a lot by making a good UTP cable between my network that I have at home and the new Popcorn hour. Until now I always I had to roll a cable over the floor, which of course not very handy. Now the cable that Patrick made is permanent in place and hidden from sight. It makes it a lot easier to use the Popcorn hour in combination with my network.

We had dinner here at a Greece restaurant called Olympia. It was the first time I was there and I really have to say that I like it. Think I will be going there more often.

Later on the evening we were hanging around on my balcony and chatted a lot with my neighbour Johan. It was nice and we laughed a lot. The beer flowed richly…. and for once that is no problem at all.

All with all, another weekend very nicely spent :)

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Home is where the heart is….

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Finally I have internet in my new apartment, so I can work here on my blog again.

I have the apartment almost a week now. And after that week I am very happy with the result so far. Last Saturday when I moved in and we brought all my things here, it was al a big mess of boxes and bags. There were moments that I doubted that I would make it ever through that huge pile of things. But now a week later I can say the livingroom is free of boxes…. That doesn’t mean all is ready. The truth is far from that. There is still a lot of work to be done. But one can live now very well in the apartment.

In the living room still two luxury showcases need to be set up. I will try to do that tomorrow.
The pictures and posters also still need to find their way to the walls (and yes, for who ever doubted… the by Ellen ten Damme signed poster will have its place in the living room).
The apartment has cable-covers on all essential places, but many cables have to be placed in them (again). Not the nicest job, but it will give a great result.

Some people will know that I have “some books”. It took me 1.5 days to get all the books on their place. I only sorted them roughly (series by series, publisher by publisher and nothing more then that). But some books needed some cleaning from dust. Many of them have been in boxes for many years.

The bedroom is still a bit a mess. Still things there that needed to be stored away somewhere. But as I can sleep there, it is not the biggest hurry.

I really, really start to like this house a lot….

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The house is ready to move in…

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Today I saw my new house with all the walls and ceilings freshly painted… and I have to say I love it.

The view at night from the balcony is awesome. I think I will be often standing there looking down. If I would smoke, I would be smoking my cigarette there. But as I don’t smoke, I will have to drink a bottle of beer there (I always find a good excuse for a bottle of beer :p ).

The bathroom is looking great. Nothing needs to be changed. It is ready to be used.

The only thing that really needs some “puzzle work” is my bed. My bed is a little bigger then the normal beds for 2 persons. But I have already several ideas that may give a satisfying solution.

Surely, for the future I have planned some changes I will do with the house, but as said, those are for the future!

I was very happy when I saw it all. Judge yourself…..

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It is going to happen…

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About what I already wrote before here on my blog is going to happen. I will move away from Haaksbergen. To to get closer to my work, but also to have a place of my own again. Although I have nothing to complain about the room that I am currently renting, more then a year is enough of that.

I will be moving to the town of Heemskerk. I will rent there a nice apartment with an option to buy it when I like it there. And the change that I will like it is rather big. There are many good sides of it. Things as there is a shopping centre right next to it with anything I need daily. Shops as a supermarket, a bakery, a butcher, a barber and much more.
Another very nice thing that it take only 15 minutes on a bicycle to get to the beach. I just love the sea and it is way too long ago that I have seen it. I think I will spend lots of time there.
And so there are many more good things about the apartment and the surrounding area.

Most of all, it will be good to have a place of my own again….

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