Coming home…

by Rob on

Walking home from the train station to my home. Not a big distance, but soaking wet from the rain because my umbrella couldn’t stand the rain and wind.

Cold and tired when I finally enter my apartment. Getting rid of the wet clothes. Taking a nice and warm shower. Starting to feel more comfortable again. Putting on clean and dry clothes. Making a simple, but nice dinner. Enjoying the food. Loving the dish-washer. Grabbing a bottle of beer and relax while watching some tv. Feeling good again…

Home, such a good place to be…

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Home, sweet home :)

by Rob on

Most people who read here on regular base, know that a bit more then a year ago I moved from the town of Haaksbergen to the town Heemskerk. I rented there an apartment belonging to my colleague and friend Tom, with the option if I liked it I could buy it after some months.

After living in that apartment for 3 or 4 months I already decided that I wanted to buy it. But for several reasons (and most not depending on me :P) almost more then a year to move on in this process.
Somewhere at the end of January of this year the value of the apartment was officially determined… and from there all went very fast. Arranging the mortgage went very fast and with a nice result of 4.9% for 10 years (Jan, thanks for all the help).

And today Tom and I have been to the notary to make it all official. So officially, since 12:00 am today I am the official owner of the apartment (well, basically there is one small thing that could go wrong and the registration at the cadastre. But in all his years of work the notary never had any problems with that… so I assume there will be no problem).

And for those that claim that when you have a mortgage on a house that the house is owned by the organisation that supplied the mortgage…. you are wrong. As long I pay as agreed for the mortgage, I am lawfully the owner of the apartment (only when I fail to pay on regular base such a organisation could take steps to take ownership….). Jan, thanks for clearing this :).

And yes, after the funeral of my mother last Friday this all feels a bit weird…. and yet, I am very happy that I have a place to call really my own again!!!!

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When the lady smiles…

by Rob on

When I came home this evening and I opened the door of my apartment I thought I recognized a soft sweet scent. I felt how I shook my head as I realized the wish and desire were fooling me.

I took off my coat and opened the door to the living room. Pleasantly surprised I saw two suitcases standing beside the couch. With a big smile on my face I knew that the sweet scent was the perfume I know so well. Marion was home!!!
My apartment is not that big, but I couldn’t see her around. Then I noticed that the door to the bedroom was slightly opened. As silently as I could I opened the door and there in the light falling through the curtains I saw the one I love so much asleep in my bed.
Without making a noise I walked to the kitchen and filled myself a glass of Muscadet wine. Making sure that I didn’t wake up Marion I turned the chair in the bedroom around. With the glass of wine I watched Marion sleeping for the longest time.
I really have no idea how long I was watching her…. half a hour? A hour? No idea!!! But at certain moment she started to wake up. Still sleep drunk she saw me sitting beside the bed. Some sweet kisses and words helped her wake really up. I got for both of us a glass of wine. We enjoyed the wine and talked a little about everything and nothing. Then all of a sudden she slipped with a big smile her arms around me…

As Barry Hay of the Golden Earring already sang at The Night of the Proms…

But when the lady smiles,
I can’t resist her call
As a matter of fact,
I don’t resist at all

Yeah.. I didn’t resist at all…

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Polishing silver…

by Rob on

Polishing silver… Who ever thought I would be doing that. And yet, that is exactly what I am doing right now. With a cloth and silver polish I am cleaning the few silver sculptures I have.
Am I collecting silver things or something? No, far from that. But these silver thingies came from the house of my mother. When we had to empty that house I took these along with me. Most of them where gifts from me to my mother when I was young. Gifts for Mothers-day and such…
Just some days ago, I noticed that these silver sculptures really needed a cleaning. Since they have been here in my house they were dusted, but not really cleaned. And I assume in the last years that my mother still lived at her house that due her bad health situation they were not cleaned that often and well. And in the last year that she was taken into the caring-home and still owned the house not at all.
My mother will be happy to hear that I am taking care of her things.

But now they are all shinning bright again. Even so bright, that it is hard to make a good picture of it… even with out flash!

It is funny, smelling the typical scent of the silver polish makes me think back of long ago when I as a young boy was still living at home and my mother was cleaning her silver at the big table in the living room…

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The lady is home again….

by Rob on

Late during the night of last Friday to Saturday a plane from the US landed on Schiphol Airport… and that was a wonderful moment for me!

The last Friday was a long day… it felt if it lasted forever. I just went to work as normally, but even when I managed to do a lot, the end of the working day didn’t want to arrive. When the working day at last was over I stayed to drink some beers with some colleagues as it is always possible on Fridays at our company. It was a good start of an long evening.

After I arrived at home, I made myself a small dinner, took a shower and went for nap. I knew that nap was needed because I knew that it would become very late that evening.
During my nap I waked up because I heard the phone ring. As my phone is rather an old one, it doesn’t show caller information (at least not over IP). I had to guess who it was that called me. I thought it was Tom, because he just returned from the first part his holiday.
Well, it wasn’t Tom. But as I had him on the phone we talked a bit about his holiday. He suggested to drop by for some beers, which I thought was a very good idea as it would shorten the evening for me.

By this time I knew that Sanne and Marion’s father were on their way to Heemskerk. But they would take it easy and have some breaks because Marion’s father was already tired and he dislikes to ride tired and don’t wants to be a danger on the road.

Meanwhile Tom and I had a very good conversation and some very interesting subjects passed by. But I think it was close to 2 o’clock that I felt my eyes become heavy. So Tom and I agreed on the fact that it would be wise for me to have another nap.

After saying goodbye to Tom and wishing him a very nice second part of his holiday, I dropped almost dead on my bed. In seconds I was in the land of dreams. It must have been 45 minutes that I have been asleep before I was waked up again by the intercom. Marion’s father and Sanne had arrived.
We had time for a cup of coffee and then it was finally time to leave for the Schiphol Airport and of course we were still way too early there.

I must say that I felt as young boy on his first date while keeping a close look at the arrival gateway. Many people came through the gateway, but not the one I was waiting for. Which was only logical, because as Sanne reminded me so nicely the plane wasn’t landed yet :P.

Finally we saw that the plane with Marion was landed safely and according to my feeling it still lasted hours before she came through the arrival gateway. But at last the doors opened and that beloved person walked through. I heard Sanne behind me shout of happiness, but I was already rushing towards Marion. Someone who witnessed it might have thought that I was attacking her. But oh my, it was so good to have her in my arms again. There were some tears of happiness going around. Even when he tried to hide, the eyes of Marion’s father were wet as well.

After this warmly welcome we went in the direction of my house. There we sat together and talked a lot, feeling very well. I had prepared some small snacks, because I assumed that all would be a bit hungry of all the excitement and I was right with that.
After some time I noticed that Marion started to fall asleep. The journey she made was long and the jetlag always hits her very hard. So I suggested that get some sleep, an idea that was welcomed very much.
Sanne slept as always on the couch and Marion’s father had his camping-bed (I offered him my bed, but he refused that claiming that his camping bed was more the enough).

In the privacy of our bedroom I admit fully that I enjoyed it very much watching Marion getting ready for the night. Something I have seen so many times, but still…
In bed we talked a bit more… Kissed and caressed a bit, but Marion was so tired that she soon was laying asleep in my arms.
Me? I didn’t sleep that night at all. I just watched the one who I love so much laying beside me… the moonlight entering through the windows made it almost a fairytale picture.

The next morning (to be honest, it was more early afternoon) Sanne surprised us with a wonderful breakfast. It resembled a English breakfast. As Sanne said, we all needed some energy :).

The afternoon was relaxed and good. We chatted and enjoyed the time together. Early evening Marion travelled with her father and Sanne to the town of Haaksbergen. She longed very much for her own home, which is very understandable. The two times she was here during her US adventure she was mostly here in Heemskerk and hardly at her own home. To that she needs really some days to rest and to recover.

Somewhere during the next week she will come back to here and spend some time with me. I have her rather rested well (edit: ough, that sounds very wrong. But that is not the way I meant it).

Well, I will go tomorrow to work as normally… but as a very happy man.

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A sad job to do….

by Rob on

Those that know me or read here regular might know that the health of my mother got rather bad over the last years. Even so bad that she was not capable to care for herself anymore. Now more then a year ago she was taken into a nursing home. They wanted to try to teach my mother to deal with her health problems and learn to live on herself again. Sadly this failed in a very bad way. So now it is decided that she will be taken into that nursing home permanently.

Only the fact already that my mother cannot take care of herself anymore by those health problems gives me a sad feeling. Sure, my mother had already health problems for a very long time. But even after the death of my father she lived for many years in a very good way on herself. That is now sadly the past.

But all this leaded to something else. The house where my mother used to life must be cleaned out and given back to cooperation that rented it to her.

This house has been over 40 years part of our family. I know every corner and spot of it. I always felt comfortable there. And now this all soon will be gone.

Together with my brother and sister we started to clean out the house. Furniture is taken out and given away. The closets and boxes and looked through. Sure we find many things that bring back good memories, but also sad memories are there. A lot happened in and around this house.
Some items will be given away to friends of my mother. Other things are shared between my brother, sister and me. This all of course after talking it through with my mother. After all her body causes problems, her mind is clear and sharp as it can be.

With every piece of furniture and each item that leaves the house a little of the “soul of the house” leaves. And even now already it is not anymore a place where I like to be. The house is dead.

I am grateful that I have rather some things in my new house in Heemskerk that will keep up the memories of the times that I did spend here in this house.

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For a very long time I wanted to have one day some luxury showcases to display things that meant a lot to me….

Well, for my new home in Heemskerk I bought two of them. Last week I have placed lights in the two showcases. And today I made the final step to hide away all electric wires as much as possible from sight. I also placed a photograph between the showcases.

In the showcase to the left are fossils and crystals. Some I had already a long time. Others were “Sinter Klaas”-gifts while I stayed at Gambheera’s place.

The other showcase holds things that have dear memories to me…. as my fathers golden watch, the glasses I did wear when I was a young boy, the last remains of my electric rail road, my very first analogue reflex camera, my first computer (a Timex Sinclair 1000) and a real ZX81, the bunny that was made by an aunt when I was born and more…

It feels good to have realized something I wanted for so long in my new home!

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Home is where the heart is….

by Rob on

Finally I have internet in my new apartment, so I can work here on my blog again.

I have the apartment almost a week now. And after that week I am very happy with the result so far. Last Saturday when I moved in and we brought all my things here, it was al a big mess of boxes and bags. There were moments that I doubted that I would make it ever through that huge pile of things. But now a week later I can say the livingroom is free of boxes…. That doesn’t mean all is ready. The truth is far from that. There is still a lot of work to be done. But one can live now very well in the apartment.

In the living room still two luxury showcases need to be set up. I will try to do that tomorrow.
The pictures and posters also still need to find their way to the walls (and yes, for who ever doubted… the by Ellen ten Damme signed poster will have its place in the living room).
The apartment has cable-covers on all essential places, but many cables have to be placed in them (again). Not the nicest job, but it will give a great result.

Some people will know that I have “some books”. It took me 1.5 days to get all the books on their place. I only sorted them roughly (series by series, publisher by publisher and nothing more then that). But some books needed some cleaning from dust. Many of them have been in boxes for many years.

The bedroom is still a bit a mess. Still things there that needed to be stored away somewhere. But as I can sleep there, it is not the biggest hurry.

I really, really start to like this house a lot….

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