21th Jazzfest Gronua

by Rob on

Yesterday we have been to Gronua to the Jazzfest that they have their every year. Last year we saw there Vaya Con Dios, which was really awesome. Yesterday there were two bands.

The first one was The Bahama Soul Club featuring Pat Appleton. They placed a extreme good show down and what a sound. And the voice of the singer, she was incredible! It was very catchy. I really enjoyed this.

The second band was Matt Bianco. At first I didn’t like what I heard. Vocals could not be hard, trumpet and saxophone were louder then the rest.
But after some songs this was corrected. And yes, I have to admit… they also had a great performance.

I was happy to have been there. I had a great evening… and I have new t-shirt!

Only thing I disliked that it was not allowed to make pictures at all. Even not with a compact camera or cell phone. I find that a bit ridicules, after all we come there for them… and we pay to be there. So let us at least make some pictures as remembrance.

Next week Candy Dulfer… now that is something I am really looking forward to!

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Vaya Con Dios

by Rob on

Yesterday I have been with my friend Patrick to a concert of Vaya Con Dios in Gronau, Germany.

First we had a dinner in the city of Enschede at “De Kater”. I had spareribs and they were as spareribs are meant to be. They were truly delicious.

After that we drove towards Gronua, which is not that far from Enschede. So it only took a little to get there.

First there was a performance of Karl Frierson, a German jazz-singer. A very good entertainer… great voice, great music and very good sense of humor. I enjoyed watching him. Most certainly I will look his music up on iTunes for my iPod.

But the main act was truly awesome…. Vaya Con Dios featuring Dani Klein. What a music, what a sound and what a voice that woman has. The musicians are truly masters on their instruments… each one of them.
The atmosphere was good and the music really pulled you in. Most people there enjoyed it, just as me, deeply…

Next time when they are around, I will be there too….

*Sings softly*
“What’s a woman when a man….”

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