Lesvos. Lesbos

Lesbos or is it Lesvos?

by Marissa on

The Church of Panayia Glykofilousa
Often when I talk about Lesvos, people correct me and tell me that the island is called Lesbos. When I tell them they are wrong, some people can get really stubborn about it. I was even once told that I had no idea what I am talking about.

Well, what is the idea? I have been to the island with others here and I have now a very good friend who lives and was raised there. That is the idea!

The thing is that the letter “b” in the name Lesbos is not a “b”. We lazy foreigners just made a “b” of it.
It really is a “β”, the Greek letter beta. And the letter beta is pronounced as a “v”. What you see that by Greek people the letter beta is replaced by the letter “v” to get the sound correct.

So Λέσβος will become Lesvos and not Lesbos.

This little piece of knowledge is brought to you by the Lesvos virus that with the upcoming holiday is awaking in me. Oh, and after a nice chat with Mel and Rob.




Photo The Church of Panayia Glykofilousa: Rob (Thank you for allowing to use it)

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