Home is where the heart is….

by Rob on

Finally I have internet in my new apartment, so I can work here on my blog again.

I have the apartment almost a week now. And after that week I am very happy with the result so far. Last Saturday when I moved in and we brought all my things here, it was al a big mess of boxes and bags. There were moments that I doubted that I would make it ever through that huge pile of things. But now a week later I can say the livingroom is free of boxes…. That doesn’t mean all is ready. The truth is far from that. There is still a lot of work to be done. But one can live now very well in the apartment.

In the living room still two luxury showcases need to be set up. I will try to do that tomorrow.
The pictures and posters also still need to find their way to the walls (and yes, for who ever doubted… the by Ellen ten Damme signed poster will have its place in the living room).
The apartment has cable-covers on all essential places, but many cables have to be placed in them (again). Not the nicest job, but it will give a great result.

Some people will know that I have “some books”. It took me 1.5 days to get all the books on their place. I only sorted them roughly (series by series, publisher by publisher and nothing more then that). But some books needed some cleaning from dust. Many of them have been in boxes for many years.

The bedroom is still a bit a mess. Still things there that needed to be stored away somewhere. But as I can sleep there, it is not the biggest hurry.

I really, really start to like this house a lot….

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The house is ready to move in…

by Rob on

Today I saw my new house with all the walls and ceilings freshly painted… and I have to say I love it.

The view at night from the balcony is awesome. I think I will be often standing there looking down. If I would smoke, I would be smoking my cigarette there. But as I don’t smoke, I will have to drink a bottle of beer there (I always find a good excuse for a bottle of beer :p ).

The bathroom is looking great. Nothing needs to be changed. It is ready to be used.

The only thing that really needs some “puzzle work” is my bed. My bed is a little bigger then the normal beds for 2 persons. But I have already several ideas that may give a satisfying solution.

Surely, for the future I have planned some changes I will do with the house, but as said, those are for the future!

I was very happy when I saw it all. Judge yourself…..

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Get ready to move….

by Rob on

Slowly but surely I am getting ready to move. Most important things are ready to move. When you are packing all the things that needs to come along, you find many things of which you didn’t know you still had them. A very nice side effect. And to be honest, I cannot wait for the day.

Currently in my new house the walls and ceilings are done so I will move into a house that is ready to be decorated.

It is so good to see that so many people are helping. People who will help to transport all to my new house, which is on the other side of the country. People who gave me useful things that I will be needing very badly.
Or people like Sanne, who is already helping me for some weekends to get everything packed.

And because she is helping me so much, I wanted to do something special for lunch without making something very complicated and something that would take a lot of time.

A quick look showed me that there was enough available to make something nice….

I made some scrambled eggs with champions, ham, cheese, tomatoes and cooked chicken (all in small pieces). Added some pepper, salt, dill and parsley. The result of all that I placed on some home made kaiser-breads.

It was very tasteful… and two of them where enough to take every feeling of hunger away for a long time.

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It is going to happen…

by Rob on

About what I already wrote before here on my blog is going to happen. I will move away from Haaksbergen. To to get closer to my work, but also to have a place of my own again. Although I have nothing to complain about the room that I am currently renting, more then a year is enough of that.

I will be moving to the town of Heemskerk. I will rent there a nice apartment with an option to buy it when I like it there. And the change that I will like it is rather big. There are many good sides of it. Things as there is a shopping centre right next to it with anything I need daily. Shops as a supermarket, a bakery, a butcher, a barber and much more.
Another very nice thing that it take only 15 minutes on a bicycle to get to the beach. I just love the sea and it is way too long ago that I have seen it. I think I will spend lots of time there.
And so there are many more good things about the apartment and the surrounding area.

Most of all, it will be good to have a place of my own again….

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