Artis again

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Yesterday I have been with some colleagues to Artis again. Artis is a rather old zoo in Amsterdam that was opened in 1838.
I always like to visit a zoo. The known and unknown animals. The mostly nice atmosphere. And if you go with a nice group it only makes it better.

As said, Artis is an old zoo and they are working hard to make everything better as it should be nowadays, but there is still a lot to do. On the other side, the old buildings give a special atmosphere to the zoo. I hope that they can make everything so it is optimal for the animals and keep this special atmosphere.

As some people here may know I also often go things like this alone or with Marion to make pictures. Marion understand very well that I need time to make pictures and doesn’t mind that she has to wait for me.
But of course it is also very nice to go with a group to talk and to laugh. It was yesterday a good group again and I always like to meet my colleagues on other places as work. You get know them much better then.

Some pictures…

As could be expected we went afterwards to Mulligans to have some pints. There some other colleagues joined us. It was rather busy at Mulligans because some rugby matches were shown on tv. But that just made the atmosphere better. I really like Mulligans and I think I am not the only one :).

For something to eat we went to Coco’s Outback, an Australian pub (the only one in Amsterdam, as they claim to be). Also very busy, but after all it was Saturday evening!
I really like the ribeye that I had there. The meat was good and tasty. And I really loved their chips. Much better as those we had earlier at Artis. And it all was unbelievable cheap!!! A place were I will go more often.

Afterwards Paddy, Tom and I went back to Mulligans and we enjoyed some good whiskey’s there while chatting a bit. A very nice way to end the evening.

On the way home something went wrong. Tom and I travelled back home together. After all we live very close to each other. Until the town of Uitgeest there was no problem at all. The train arrived on time and before we knew it we were in Uitgeest. From Uitgeest we had to take a train back to Heemskerk…. but we missed the last train!!!
As it is only around 4 kilometres from Uitgeest to Heemkerk, we decided to walk there. But maybe that was not the smartest thing for me to do, because my ancle, that still was a bit hurting from twisting it last week, started to hurt a lot during that walk. And today that ancle and leg hurted even more and was stiff. But hey… I made it home and that is what counts :)

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Christmas Team-event

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With the snowy weather, the shortening days and the nearing Christmas the wish for a last team-event this year for the back-office team was there. And so we started to plan for a day that most of the people could make it. And yesterday would be the day….

Too bad Michiel could not make it, but we found Natasha wiling to come along. And why not, good company is always welcome.

So we planned yesterday to leave the company so we could get the train of 5 o’clock in the direction of Amsterdam. And as almost tradition starts to dictate that we didn’t made it :).
About an half hour later we were sitting in the train towards Amsterdam. And this time Federico was missing and no one of us had the number of mobile phone yet. So we hoped that he was by his own means on his way to Amsterdam (which luckily turned out to be true).
And so after a very fast and easy journey we found our way to Mulligans…. and there we joined Jeroen and Federico, who were there already… and soon we had our first drinks, which was for me of course a pint of Guiness.

Playing with glass is known to be dangerous, but luckily this time it didn’t turn into the mess it could have become :)

As all know, food is an important part of our team events (and it should be), so after our drinks we made our way to Pata Negra, a tapas restaurant were a table was reserved for us.

Warm baguettes with garlic sauce was served. And with that two big bottle with sangria… which were in scary short time empty again. But with that served there was also time for some conversation.

I liked the tapa dish and I thought it was a great idea to have served all kind of the available dishes. So there was beef, fish, seafood, chicken… so for everyone there was something. And I liked it all.

The food was very good. I specially liked the beef a lot. The people of the restaurant were kind and paid attention. And so Pata Negra made it to the list of cafés and dinners that I like.

And in the sense of looking for the 10 difference…

Well there was one event that needs to be mentioned… Anitha with her Indian background loves very spicy and hot food. And I have tasted things she called mildly spicy which burned away my throat. But yesterday she had found her match… as she had to admit that something was even to hot for her.

After dinner Anitha and Natasha went home. The rest of us went back to Mulligans to have some more pints. There Menno joined us (he was late because his neighbours above him caused a leakage. And he had to clean up the mess first).

As so often these kind of evenings go by way too fast. I enjoyed myself a lot. We have a nice bunch of folks at the company. But as it was just a normal Wednesday and next would be a normal working day again.

Tom and I needed to go back to Hoofddorp. Tom had his car parked there at the company and we would drive from there back to Heemskerk and he could drop me there at my apartment.

But time had went a bit faster has we expected. With a tram we went from Mulligans to the Central Railroad Station of Amserdam, to discover there that the last train to Hoofddorp had already left. So we took the train to Schiphol Airport and there we would see how to get further to Hoofddorp. Luckily there was a bus going from Schiphol.
Once in Hoofddorp we saw the result of the freezing weather… We had to clean the windows of the car of a rather nice layer of ice. And because of the same bad weather we could only drive slowly to Heemskerk.

The result was that I was late at home. When I finally went to bed (close to 3 am), I couldn’t get to sleep. I have this more often after having a nice, busy, exciting or long evening. I should have taken the morning off from work, but as I didn’t I was not very rested and well when I was at work. So after talking with Michiel I took off the afternoon off.
Once home, I took a cup tea with honey and went to bed. I slept wonderfully over the afternoon. That did a lot good to me.

Maybe I should not post the next picture (but I can always remove it when asked), but I never knew that a nice fellow as Paddy could look so scary… :P

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It has been a time, but yesterday we had a team event of the back office team again. We had planned to go for some Japanese pancakes to start with, but somehow that did not happen at all.
Because people were coming with all kind of means, we decided to gather at Mulligans. Some of us went by train and I was of them. When we arrived at Mulligans some were already there enjoying a good beer. And it didn’t took long before I had a pint of Guinness for myself.

There happened what every photographer fears, my camera dropped on the ground. At first it seemed all right, but later on it turned out that was sadly not the case. The camera could not focus anymore. Real bad luck. People who know me know how important my camera is for me.
What stroke me really hard was that some weeks ago my laptop stopped working correctly and then my netbook didn’t want to boot anymore. And now my camera was also unusable? It felt for a moment that all these things I enjoyed working with were breaking down. But luckily that was an emotion that was not very long there.
Later on it turned out that only lens was broken and not the body. Mic borrowed me a lens for now. So I can look for a lens to replace the broken one and still be capable to make pictures.
So kinda good luck again that not the whole camera was broken.

Anyway back to the team event… after some beers we went for some food. Many places had not room for such a rather large group as we had. But we found a nice curry bar (of which I sadly cannot remember the name). The food was good and after my shock of the accident with my camera, I recovered quickly and enjoyed it all again.
During the dinner there was something going around about certain pictures on Rafal’s camera and the mystery who and when they were made. Well, it gave some good laughs.

After dinner we returned to Mulligans. At the moment we arrived there was life music. Some more bears, good conversations and laughter made it after all

Three things I have learned this evening. For myself to keep a better eye on my camera (stupid stupid me). And never ask Marc about which tram you best can take to get somewhere and never ask Johan’s advice on OV chipcards… (just kidding guys…. but you have to admit that it was funny! :P).

And yes… I am lucky I am free today so I don’t have to work today….

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At Mulligans again…

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Yesterday some colleagues and I did get together at Mulligans again. Mulligans is an Irish pub right at the Amstel in the city of Amsterdam. I love to come there

As always we coming there to play some games. And as a colleague brought his children along, we first played a game of Uno, which was a complete new game for me.

After that we turned to Monopoly and that is of course always fun.

About both games we played there were some discussions about the rules. Even so much that the official rules had to be checked on it. And we discovered that people brought many of their own rules in these games.

Afterwards someone us had dinner at “Het Fornuis”. We have been there before, so we knew it was a very good there. And I must admit, the deer steak I had was marvelous.

So all a good evening with lots of laughter and some interesting conversations. And oh… Marion, I have new t-shirt that you cannot have ^_^ :P

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