Night of the Proms

Night of the Proms 2010

by Rob on

Yesterday evening I have been to The Night of Proms. It is almost an tradition for my Patrick and me to go there. It the fourth time in a row. But this year we went only to the event in Rotterdam. Some of the other years we also have been to the German edition of this event in Dortmund. What also was new that Patrick’s father did come along because he really liked some of the artists of the line-up.

The line-up was really good this year. Of course there was the choir Fine Fleur and the orchestra Il Novecento again. Without them no Night of the Proms….

The line-up was really great. As almost always John Miles was there. With songs as “Music was my first love” and “The show must go on” he made people almost tear down the building.

It was for the first time I saw Grace Jones live. And I really must I like it. This woman with her great voice and weird dresses really knows how make a show. I might not know much of her music, but surely I know “Strange, I have seen that face before”.

Although I am not a real big fan of Boy George, I have to say that he a very good performance her. Apart from his well known songs as “Do you really want to hurt me”, he sang “You were almost on my mind” truly in almost perfect way. Of course I knew the song, but took some time to realize it is a song from Elvis Presley.

Barry Hay… do I need to say more? As I already predicted to Patrick, he gave away a great performance of “Radar Love” (that was a easy one :P). “When the Lady smiles” brought back many good memories. It is amazing how long Barry Hay (and with him of course the Golden Earring) are playing their music. I can remember to have seen a live concert of them when I still went to school. And believe me, that is long time ago.

Charlie Siem, a violinist I never had heard from before, as entered the stage. But I liked what he did. A name to keep an eye on. A master on his violin.

And then the was of course John Fogerty of the so well known Cleedence Clearwater Revival. Well, lets keep it simple…. The complete hall exploded when he started to sing “Bad Moon Rising”. What a voice he has and how very well he can play the guitar.

All with all, a great show again. And I am happy I was there again. All this great music combined with the orchestra and choir…. and of the more the amazing light-show and special effects made it all it just perfect.

Next Saturday again to the Ahoy in Rotterdam… Jean Michel Jarre!!!

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Night of the Proms 2009 Germany

by Rob on

Yesterday Patrick and I have been to the Night of the Proms in Germany. In Dortmund to be exact. For us going to The Night of the Proms almost has become a tradition.

We started our journey towards Dortmund early, because of the time of the year there was also the Christmas Market in Dortmund and that is always fun. And because of the bad weather (lots of snow) it was anyway good to leave in time.
We did arrive way in time, but as Patrick said, driving was exhausting with this weather.

In Dortmund we wandered over the Christmas market. It is always nice to watch. Even after eating something we started to cold and we looked for an restaurant where we could drink something and get warm again. After some we decided to go the Westfalenhalle where the Night of the Proms took place.

To be short, this edition of The Night of The Proms was great again.

There was this German singer Christina Stürmer. I never had heard before of her, but it seems that she is rather popular in German. And I have to admit that I like her music as well.
The band Heaven 17 only have vague memories. Patrick told me that they had some hits in the 80’s. The song “Temptation” was very impressive though.

Roxette really rocked. Maybe it was my imagination, Marie Fredriksson seemed a lot more confident to me then when we saw her in Rotterdam. And maybe is not really strange, after all in Rotterdam was her first performance after the long time she was away because of het illness.

It was great to see that Alan Parsons was there. After all, not long ago Eric Woolfson (the person with who he started The Alan Parsons Project) died. And to that is was last Sunday Alan Parsons birthday.
About the music of Alan Parsons we don’t have much to say, great as always.

Of course were John Miles, Fine Fleur and Il Novecento that what made it all become just perfect.

All with all, it was a great experience again. Next year again…

(This time no pictures :(. On this kind of concerts SLR’s camera’s are not allowed and my old compact camera died recently…)

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Night of the Proms 2008

by Rob on

Hmmm… It has been some time since I posted here on my blog. Well, a lot happened the last month and many things changed. But still it is good to pick up the pieces and continue to do what I always liked to do, as writing here on my weblog.

Last Wednesday I have been with Patrick to the Night of the Proms. For me it is the second time and just as the first time I loved it. As last year it was in the Ahoy in Rotterdam.

Patrick and I arrived really way in time in Rotterdam. So we had time to walk a bit around. We had dinner in the same restaurant as last year (Brasserie Zuidplein). Maybe it is just me… I won’t say the food was bad, but I had better memories of it from last year…. But as said, maybe it was just me.

Poor Patrick, as he had to drive he could not drink any alcohol… which I did of course instead of him ;-).

The Night of the Proms was awesome again. The wonderful orchestra Il Novecento leaded by Robert Groslot. As wonderful was the performance of the ballerina Katchiri Feys.

Apart from this…. the artists were just great and a complete knock-out… The Simple Minds… Live (and those that know me, know how much there hit “Dolphins Cry” mean to me…. even more after that evening)…. Sinéad O’Connor (what a voice!!!)…. Midge Ure (from Ultravox…. remember their hit “Vienna”…. Erik Messie (from “Toontje Lager”… a youth hero for me)… and least, but not last The Harlem Gospel Choir….

Specially I want to mention the two starting artists Aleiksey Igudesman and Richard Hyung-Ki. Their returning contribution to The Night of Proms was great. Their sense of humor was overwhelming. They made me laugh until I had tears from laughter running down my cheeks. And anyone who there will grin at the words “And now Mozart….”

Sad thing is that one is not allowed to bring a real good photo-camera (as a DSLR) to an event like this. So the pictures I made are done with my pocket-camera under bad circumstances….

Anyway…. Some pictures here…

Il Novecento…


Sinéad O’Conner…

Midge Ure (Ultravox)….

Simple Minds…

Erik Messie (“Toontje Lager”)…

Igudesman & Joo…. a good laugh and yet great artists…

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Music was my first love…

by Rob on


Yesterday I have been with my friend Patrick to The Night of The Proms. This is a yearly festival where classic and modern music go hand in hand. Many famous names are connected to this happening.

Patrick and I arrived very nice on time in the city of Rotterdam. So we had first something to eat at “Brasserie Zuidplein”. The food was excellent and so where the people working there.

To get a good parking spot we went in time to the Ahoy (where it all took place). Well, we got a very good parking spot, because at the moment we arrived almost everything was still empty. After entering the building we had more then enough time to drink something and to chat a bit.

When the time that a event would start the halls started to fill up nicely. It was busy, but without being too busy. The atmosphere was directly good.

The orchestra was Il Noventa (directed by Robert Grolsot) and the choir Fine Fluer created the base for this event. And this was something they did greatly. It was very enjoyable to listen and to see them on the stage with this huge video-wall behind them.

Artists known all around the world performed together with the orchestra and the choir. So there where Kid Creole and The Coconuts, a name I already remember from way back.

The violist Roby Lakatos made one thing clear, the violin is not a boring instrument. Far from that. It was a pleasure to watch him play the violin.

Macy Gray gave away a wonderful act. What a voice this woman has….

The name of John Miles is close connected to The Night of the Proms. His “Music was my first love” is exactly about this is event is about…. Love for music, any kind of music. So true…

Our very own Dutch Di-rect made also their stand on this event and showed that even a small country can be big in some things.

And then Donna Summer… also I a name a know as long as I can remember. And believe, she still has a great voice. What a woman…. what a voice… what a performance….

And at last of course all performed at the wonderful event came on the stage and gave a great end to the evening…

This was an evening I will not forget easily. I had such a great time there, that the hours went by as minutes. And I learned one thing, making pictures of such an event is not easy at all ;-)

I can only say one thing… next year again!!!

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