Weblog is back up again…

by Rob on

First of all, my excuses to the authors here on our weblog for the fact that it was almost a month not possible to post new articles.

The reason for this was that one of the database tables was corrupt. Normally this is solved by restoring a backup, but this problem seemed to have been there already for some time without noticing it. Restoring whichever backup would have lead to the lost of articles and that is something I wanted to prevent.

The only solution seemed to be rebuilding the table manually and based on the information available in other tables. It has been a huge task of running queries, collecting data and inserting records in the new created table. But the work is done and all seems to be working as normal again.

So for the authors, please feel free to post again. If you noticed anything strange, please let me know.

Thank you for your patience.

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And another weekend is done…

by Rob on

Another weekend has gone by… and as most weekends it has been a good weekend again. And even when there was bad news where I have to find a solution for (and no, this bad news is luckily not relation or work related), I am able to handle… and I know, someone offered help. But this time I have to do it alone. And I will handle it…

Back to Amsterdam again… another week of working waits. But with the people of the department where I work, it will be Thursday evening again before I know it… and then I go home again.

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