Running through the moor….

by Sanne on

Today very early in the morning I went jogging as I so often do, but I was really in the mood to take a longer track as I normally do. So I did put my running clothes on, stepped into some good running shoes (very important!). So I got in my car and drove to the farm of my parents, who live next to “Het Haaksbergerveen”, a bog/moor-like nature area of approximately 500 hectares. It is an very beautiful area where I already love to come since I was young girl.

At the farm of my parents I parked my car and after a cup of tea, I started to run towards “Het Haaksbergerveen”.

There was a gentle drizzle rain when I started to run, but that was okay. I even liked the soft rain on my face. But after the first kilometres the rain started to get worse, until it was really raining cats and dogs. And even that I didn’t mind really. The temperature was not too bad and by those first kilometres my body was already warmed up. I felt good.
My speed and rhythm were good. Even my running clothes that were soaking wet didn’t bother me.
I left the main paths that lead through the moor and entered the area of small sand paths where almost no one ever comes and most likely not many are aware of. But as I grew up here I know them from the many trips I made through “Het Haaksbergerveen”, which my parents were not happy about at all. As they said, it was dangerous (and they were right with that) and I should started to behave as a young lady (Mhhuuaaaa :P).

While running I passed by many spots that hold memories for me. The small lake were I as young girl always went swimming (which was not allowed by my parents). The spot with a great view over the surrounding moor, where I took someone I loved often. The area where the Drosera grows. And many other sports with good memories.

I have to say that I not only felt good, I felt extremely good. My soaking wet clothes that made me feel the rain directly on my skin didn’t change that.
I think my complete run was around 14 kilometres. This slowly older getting body is still in good shape.

Back at the farm of my parents my mother looked at my wet clothes with a shaking head. With a grin I borrowed a big towel to put over the chair of my car and drove quickly home.

Home again, I took a long relaxing hot shower. And now sitting in my bathrobe on the couch, I only can say that I loved the running of this morning. And now I am enjoying a hot choco and I think I earned it *SMILE*

The photo was not taken today (I had no camera with me and even I forgot to take my iPhone along), but some years ago. Just wanted to show how beautiful “Het Haaksbergerveen” is.



(Credit photo: Sanne)

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Finally it stopped raining…

by Rob on

This weekend was concerning the weather a close disaster. It almost rained all the time and the times it was dry were too short to do anything outside. This kind of weather makes you want to stay inside. But being all the time inside doesn’t make you feel well either.

Then suddenly after some heavy rain early this afternoon the sky started to get brighter and it stopped rainy. There was even some sunshine…
Marion and I looked at each other and we must have thought the same: “Lets go outside”.

I still needed something for the dinner I wanted to make tonight, so I suggested to go on bicycle to the supermarket in the city of Beverwijk (I love shops that are also open on Sundays).

So we made our way in the direction of Beverwijk with the risk of ending up in some nasty rain (for that are hot showers and dry clothes when coming home). But it stayed dry during our small trip. It was good to be outside again.

At the supermarket we did get the things we needed. It is nice big supermarket with a big range of articles. I really like it there.

But as we left the supermarket it was raining again. Not extremely hard… but still. Now next to this supermarket is a “Praxis” (some kind of warehouse where you can buy anything that has to do with home/garden construction and decoration). It always nice to look around there.
So we wandered around there for a long time. Discussing the things we still want to change to our houses (now doesn’t that sound nice… our houses :P). Just as Marion, I like to burn in the evening candles and oil-lamps. They give a very warm and comfortable atmosphere to a room. I still needed a nice oil-lamp for inside. Marion knew this and bought me one…

This is one of things I really love about Marion. She is very aware of what I like. And often she has these gift of which I in some cases mentioned to her very long ago. She still remembers and does something with it. Really awesome. This oil-lamp will burn many hours and will spread a nice scent through my living room.

On our way home it didn’t rain, so made a nice long d-tour. It was nice to be out in the fresh air….

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Coming home…

by Rob on

Walking home from the train station to my home. Not a big distance, but soaking wet from the rain because my umbrella couldn’t stand the rain and wind.

Cold and tired when I finally enter my apartment. Getting rid of the wet clothes. Taking a nice and warm shower. Starting to feel more comfortable again. Putting on clean and dry clothes. Making a simple, but nice dinner. Enjoying the food. Loving the dish-washer. Grabbing a bottle of beer and relax while watching some tv. Feeling good again…

Home, such a good place to be…

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And it slowly stopped raining….

by Rob on

It was a long day today. Last night I slept very badly. Before 3:00 am I waked up and haven’t slept after that anymore. Don’t ask me why. There was completely no reason for it. Guess it was just one of these nights…

So all day at work I was kinda tired. But surprisingly I managed to get a lot of work done. The day was long and it felt if the moment to go home didn’t want to come close. I made some long days this week, so it was fully justified to leave work in time. So no “Friday after work” beer at the company. A wise decision, because I think one beer could have made me crash completely….

I know it is not correct, but I had the feeling it was raining all day… Though from the moment I left for home it really was raining it constantly.

At home I took a shower and wanted to take a nap, but sadly I was over my sleep. So no desire to sleep anymore, but kinda feeling as a wreck. Got my self some Chines food as I hadn’t the courage to cook any dinner.
Closed the lamellae (or whatever they may be called in Engels) to shut out the lousy weather and watched a very nice DvD (the animation movie ‘9’).

After the movie I walked for a little up to my balcony and I noticed that the weather was a little better as before. With a beer in my hand I watched it slowly stop raining… Maybe a promise for the rest of the weekend… Anyway, time for me to catch up some sleep :).

A good weekend everyone!!!!

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Tired of the rain…

by Rob on

I am so tired of the rain…

Almost for the last 3 days it has been raining here…

Raining while doing shopping… raining while wandering… rain in the forest… rain at the beaches… rain while sitting inside looking out… raining while going to the Markt 2… rain while making photo’s… rain while going to buy a beer… raining while going to work… rain while coming home…

Normally I don’t dislike rain…. I can even enjoy a walk in sweet and soft rain. But this is more then enough…. I want dry weather and a clear sky… NOW!!!!!

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