“SOS Snowbell”

by Sanne on

14 March this year, a new Suske & Wiske album was released. The title of the album is “SOS Snowbell” and is album 343 in the series.

SOS Snowbell

According the official Suske & Wiske-site the story line of the new album:
“John, the nephew of Sidonia, flies on a beautiful day at the kitchen window. He turns out to be changed in a goose! He begs his friends to go with him to his village in Alaska. The magic book of his lovely wife Snowbell has become after many years active again and has Snowbell in its power. The book forces her to turn the people in the village into animals. This way, they give it their souls and let the power of the book grow. It is its intention to change itself into a man, what would give it unlimited power.
Suske, Wiske and their friends leave right away to Alaska to save Snowbell from the clutches of the magic book and its magic spells. But then they are obliged to destroy it and that shows to be an impossible task”

Again, a very good “Suske & Wiske” book. The story line is pleasant to follow and the plot of the story more or less unexpected. Of course there is a lot of humour in story. Personally I think this is one of the better albums since the move to the new style. The new style is something I really had to get used to, but now it is finding its place.

Rob, don’t buy this album. I have read it by now and will give it to Marissa. She would like to read as well and she told me that she and Richard will be visiting you soon. She will bring the album along for you, so you can add it to your collection.

It was a nice read :-)

Publisher: Standaard Uitgeverij
Source citaat: Suske en Wiske op het WWW

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Greek Goddesses

by Marion on

When Rob was a young boy, he once went on a holiday with his parents to Hellendoorn. They stayed a week at hotel “De Uitkijk”. This hotel still exists and this year Marissa, Richard, Rob and I will go there for a long weekend.

Anyway, when Rob stayed there with his family, he went often to a nearby amusement park, which also still exists. Mostly Rob, as he told me, went there to play arcade games. He mentioned an arcade game where you are in a submarine and have to destroy enemy ships.

On one of his trips to the amusement park, he bought at a souvenir shop a small replica of a statue of the Greek goddess Aphrodite.


This statue was the beginning of Rob’s interest in Greek mythology.

Over the following years he bought more statues of Greek Goddesses at all kind of places. He knew which Goddesses they were, their stories and where they original statues are.
He had and still has quite an extended knowledge of the Greek mythology. Of course, his love for Greece has come from somewhere!


Then, years later, Rob met his ex-girlfriend. I dare to say that his ex did quite some wrong to him.

Rob was during the time he went to school deeply in love with a girl. He wrote beautiful texts for this girl and made some kind of bundle of it.
His ex-girlfriend requested him to get rid of these texts and he did. These texts, expect some he got back through another resource, are gone forever. I would have loved to read those texts, even when they are about another woman. It is all long ago, it is Rob’s past. He has full right on his own past, after all, it is what made him what he is today.

More things like that happened.


And then there were Rob’s Greek Goddess statues. Some of those goddesses statues are naked, which is very common for Greek statues.

And also these statues were not to the liking to Rob’s ex. He can recall that words as unfriendly for women were used. With that the statues had to go to.

I really cannot understand this. Did she not realize that these statues were important for Rob? She should have known this.
And is a replica of an old Greek statue, nude or not, woman-unfriendly? I don’t think so. Calling nudity woman-unfriendly is bringing the rights of women back to the dark ages. These day women are allowed to be proud on their bodies and don’t have to hide it under all covering clothes. And is a woman’s body not beautiful? And apart from this all, the statues are not even very detailed.

I cannot get rid of the feeling that Rob his ex tried to control and manipulate him. Something that always will fail in the end, as it did.

So some years back on one of our holidays to Greece I saw in a shop a nice replica of a statue of Aphrodite. I remembered directly what Rob told me once about these kind of statues. Of course I bought it. A present that maybe will undo a little what was done in the past. Rob was really happy with the statue. So now I try to buy on every holiday to Greece such a statue for him

So Aphrodite, Leda, Sapho and others are back in Rob’s house. As they should…

Sapho Marion
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“Suske & Wiske, Het Monamysterie”

by Sanne on

Suske & Wiske 341
Just as Rob I am a big fan of the comic series Suske & Wiske (or “Spyke & Suzy” as they are called in Britain or “Willy & Wanda” in the US), but unlike Rob I don’t collect the albums. So every time I see a new released album, I warn Rob not to buy it. This because after I read it, I sent it will all kinds of pleasure to Rob so he can read it and add it to his collection.

So this week I saw a new release in a book store, it was number 341 in the series called “The Monamysterie” (which translates to “The Mona Mystery”). The album was released on 12 September (ISBN 9789002263149).
I sent Rob a text-message asking if he already had bought this album, which was quickly answered by a “no”, which I answered with a “Don’t buy it, it will be soon laying in your mail box!”.

In this album professor Barabas examines, commissioned by the Louvre, the Mona Lisa. When he turns the figure from the painting to life with his Teletransfor, it seems to be a man. He claims that he had modelled in 1911 for the copy and fleas from the lab. The Mona Lisa is a fake! And this is the beginning of the adventure!

The album is on its way to you, Rob. Have fun with it!

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The missing heartbeat!

by Marion on


Over the years I developed a small habit. Rob sleeps at times on his back. So when he is asleep I crawl up to him and lay my head on his chest (sorry guys with your perfect “six packs”, this is a comfort you never will be able to give in this way!). As automatically he put his arm around me, which gives me a very secure feeling. And with my head on his chest I listen to his heartbeat.
For some reason I find the rhythmic sound of his heart very relaxing. It helps me to fall asleep.

So a few years ago I was listening to the soft beating of his heart when it suddenly stopped… to continue as normal after one or two missing heartbeats. It scared me for some moments, but Rob’s normal beating heart made me rest assured.

But a few weeks after that it happened again and I became worried. It felt to me as a heart defect.
Without telling Rob I consulted my family doctor. When I told her about my worries she laughed softly and told me how awesome caring I was. But this was nothing to worry about. According her everyone has this… She, me, Rob and everyone else.
She told me to see this as that the heart takes a moment of rest, some kind of break of all the hard work. And if the hearts pick up its normal work, then everything is very fine.

Yesterday I was listening to Rob’s heartbeat again. And it stopped. I noticed that I was thinking “Okay, you had your break. Now back to work!”. And at the same moment the heartbeat returned. I had to grin and I believe that I fell asleep with a smile on my face!




(The used picture is released to the Public Domain, please see Public Domain Pictures)

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When I waked up last Friday here in the hotel, there was message for me waiting on my iPhone: Rob did hurt his ankle again and he need for now a crutch to walk.

On his way to work he stumble on lose tile on the side walk. He was walking from his home to the train station, so he was not that far away from home. Luckily he made the right decision and returned home. Continuing to his work most likely would made it all a lot worse.

When I called him he told me that his ankle was all swollen and very painful. Put weight on made it even hurt more. Luckily he had crutches at home, so he could start to use those right away. It is not the first time that Rob had something like this (an accident he was involved in made his ankle a weak spot) and so he had already cooling packs at home. These eased the pain a lot he told me (remember there is currently a time difference of 7 hours between us, so by the time I got him on the phone he was already cooling his ankle).

Poor Rob, this kind of things always happens to him!

When Marissa heard about this (and knowing that I am in the US), she decided to drive right after her work to Rob’s place to help him out. What a wonderful woman my niece is! And apart from helping him out, it was also nice that he had some good company during the weekend.

Just chatted a bit with Rob. His ankle is no longer really swollen and the pain is a lot less. So tomorrow he will be going to work as normal, but he already decided for himself that he will be using a crutch for some days, so he will not encumber his ankle too much. Good decision of him!

Why this kind of things always happen when I am really far away. I would really liked to be there for him now.
Any way, just one and a half week and I will be going home. Looking very much forward to that!




(Credit photo: Public Domain, see Pixabay )

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Rob and Marley

by Marion on

Rob and Marley
Today I found this photo of Rob and Marley on my private laptop. Some time ago Rob made a backup of some old photo’s on my laptop (with my permission). That backup is still there and it was fun to look through those photo’s. And one of these photo’s was this photo of Rob and Marley.
Marley was Rob’s horse. Rob told a lot about Marley (Marley was from before the time I got to know Rob). Marley was big (1m76 on the withers), proud and stubborn, honest and a good sense of humour (as can been seen on the photo).

And look at Rob! Not as grey as he is nowadays. And his belly slimmer! I think this photo must be over 15 years old. And yet, I don’t want Rob any different as he is nowadays, as he is now he is “my Rob”.

Marley died in a terrible way. Most likely scared by fireworks close to his stable he pranced in his stable, hit his head against a wooden beam which caused a cerebral fracture, which was fatal.

Even with the sad story about Marley, I like to see these old photo’s. They tell stories about Rob’s life from the time before I got to know him. And by these photo’s Rob shares his memories about them with me and that is very nice (although there are also bad memories and experiences).
Luckily there are many more old pictures in this backup on my laptop *SMILE*




(Credit photo: Rob, private collection)

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by Jennifer on

flu griep
I heard that Rob was down with the flu. I talked with him a little on the phone. He is really feeling awful…. fever, headaches, hurting lungs, body aches and very tired.
It seems to be going around at his work and not only there.

Flu, is such a common disease, but what is it really? According to Wikipedia:
“Influenza, commonly known as “the flu”, is an infectious disease caused by an influenza virus. Symptoms can be mild to severe. The most common symptoms include: a high fever, runny nose, sore throat, muscle pains, headache, coughing, and feeling tired. These symptoms typically begin two days after exposure to the virus and most last less than a week. The cough, however, may last for more than two weeks.”

Okay, that we know now (if we didn’t already). This is not to going to be an scientific post, but more some facts and handy things to know.

So it caused by a virus. A virus cannot be destroyed like a bacteria. For the virus that causes the common flu this means just sit it out and take care of yourself (or have someone taking care of you *HEART* ).

Flu Is contagious. Most healthy adults may be able to infect other people beginning 1 day before symptoms develop and up to 5 to 7 days after becoming sick. Children may pass the virus for longer than 7 days. Symptoms start 1 to 4 days after the virus enters the body. That means that you may be able to pass on the flu to someone else before you know you are sick, as well as while you are sick. Some people can be infected with the flu virus but have no symptoms. During this time, those persons may still spread the virus to others.

While the flu viruses can be detected year-round, flu viruses are most common during the fall and winter. The exact timing and duration of flu seasons can vary, but influenza activity often begins to increase in October. Most of the time flu activity peaks between December and February, although activity can last as late as May.

For an healthy person the flu is not a real threat, as long it is taken care of in a proper way.
This is different for older people, children and persons with a weak health. These are the people that need special treatment. Also they should apply for an anti-flu shot, something that for someone a good health is not needed.

There are many suggestions going around to help to feel better: Breathe aromatic steam (eucalyptus oil), warm showers, drink a lot of liquids, rinse the noise with salty water, warm (chicken-) soup, spice up your meal and many more. It is to your personal experience if these will work or not.

And most of all I hope that Rob recovers fast and go back to his normal way of life.




(Credit Photo: Public Domain, see Dreamtime )

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Blame it on the moon

by Marion on

Our guests have left again. It was a wonderful weekend.

Rob and I were just talking a bit and somehow the conversation ended up at the time Rob and I discovered our mutual feelings. And I have to be honest, at first I was not ready for those feelings. I was doing fine on my own. Had my life on the road again. Could handle the world with ease again. And falling in love was the last thing I wanted.

Well, I already knew Rob for some time and we even became friends. And then that Christmas Eve things, as Katie Melua sings so beautiful, things were gone too far to call it an halt (and keep your mind out of the gutter… or not *grin*).

Now I am so happy this al happened and I am glad to be able to call Rob my partner in crime and love.

But in the beginning things were confusing and those feelings are so well expressed in this song. Reason why I love this song.

Look the video on YouTube if you want to hear it :-)

“Gonna blame it on the moon,
Didn’t want to fall in love again so soon.
I was fine, feeling strong,
Didn’t want to fall in love with anyone.

Now that it’s gone too far to call for a halt,
I’ll blame it on the moon
‘Cause it’s not my fault;
I didn’t think that this would happen so soon
So I’ll blame it on the moon.

I was happy to be free
Didn’t think I’d give myself so easily.

Guilty feelings in the night
As I wonder is it wrong to feel so right.

Now that it’s gone too far to call for a halt,
I’ll blame it on the moon
‘Cause it’s not my fault;
I didn’t think that this would happen so soon
So I’ll blame it on the moon.

Gonna blame it on the moon,
Didn’t want to fall in love again so soon.

I was fine, feeling strong,
Didn’t want to fall in love with anyone.

Now that it’s gone too far to call for a halt,
I’ll blame it on the moon
‘Cause it’s not my fault;
I didn’t think that this would happen so soon
So I’ll blame it on the moon”

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Flowers of this week :-)

by Marion on

In the series “Flower bouquets bought by Rob”, the bouquet of this week :-). As already told before, Rob buys almost every week a nice bouquet of flowers for on his dinning table. He has a very good taste for that. He composes the bouquets himself and he is doing a very good job at that.
I have created an categorie “Rob’s Flower Bouquets” here on the weblog :-)

And oh, he bought some very tasteful marzipan at a confectioner. Very very good :-).


(Credit photo: Marion)

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Glass-door cabinets

by Marion on

Rob has two glass-door cabinets in his living room. A very nice way display things that are precious or are linked to good memories.
Apart from that in the evening, when the light in cabinets are turned on, it gives a very nice atmosphere to the room.

Somewhere last week one of the lamps stopped working. Rob had a look at it and he already made quickly the conclusion that it was not the lamp itself that was broken.
It was an halogen lamp and the power supply that belong to it was given the problem. So it had to be replaced, simple as that.

Asking about this lamp, it turned out that this kind of lamps are not sold as halogen any more. They are replaced by LED-lamps. Okay fine. But this simple meant that both lights in the cabinets had to be replaced. So yesterday Rob bought two complete set of the LED-lamps and today he placed those in the two cabinets. While he did the technical work, I cleaned al the glass of the cabinets.

The advantage of LED above halogen is that LED used less electricity and it produces a lot less heat. But LED used to be very cold and bright light, something you don’t want in your living room. But that has changed. LED light can now also be soft and warm of colour.

So now in the evening we can enjoy the view of the two cabinets again. Luckily the lights are not as bright as it shows on the photo, it much more softer and warmer. Maybe even better as it was before….



(Credit photo: Marion)

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