Spaghetti with codfish

by Rob on

As Marion and I have been away most of the afternoon, I was not in the mood to make a complicated dinner that would that a long time to prepare. But still I wanted to make something nice…

I had some codfish (Dutch: “Kabeljauw”) in the refrigerator and that remembered me of a recipe I have read somewhere. Could remember it exactly, so there is some personal input :P.

First I cut the codfish is smaller pieces. Rubbed the pieces carefully with some salt, pepper and parsley. Each piece got packed into a slice of ham.

Meanwhile I boiled a pan with water. Added some salt and olive oil. In the boiling water I cooked the spaghetti for 12 minutes.

In some hot olive oil I fried some sliced courgette. Added some garlic and lemon.
At the same time I baked the in ham packed codfish (of course, also in some olive oil).

I mixed the spaghetti with courgette. Placed the baked codfish on top of it.

To finish it of a Hollandaise sauce with some parsley on top of it all. I admit, the Hollandaise sauce was from a packet :-).

Simple. Easy to make. And yet very tasteful :-)

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