A game of Squah?

by Rob on

Hmmm… It seems I have some catching up to do on some very busy days behind me. Lets get to it and create some postings on what happened the last days!

Last Thursday we had from the company a “Squash” event. The event was organized by my colleague Tom, who is a vivid squash-player. It was good to see that so many people were interested to attend.

There was no competition, just a friendly open play. For those how needed it there were instructions by another colleague who is also very experienced in the game. There were 6 courts hired, so for everyone who wanted to play there was enough room.

After playing we shared some food and drinks together, which was a very nice and pleasant way to end the evening.

I have taken many pictures during this event, which was a new experience for me. This because the light of such a court are far from optimal and the targets (the players are moving very fast). So the picture were made with ISO of 800 and a diaphragm of 2.8.
Although I see some points of improvement, I am not dissatisfied at all. Below some examples. The link below the pictures leads to my photo-site. There will be more pictures, but it will take some time to process all the pictures I have taken.

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