Greek Goddesses

by Marion on

When Rob was a young boy, he once went on a holiday with his parents to Hellendoorn. They stayed a week at hotel “De Uitkijk”. This hotel still exists and this year Marissa, Richard, Rob and I will go there for a long weekend.

Anyway, when Rob stayed there with his family, he went often to a nearby amusement park, which also still exists. Mostly Rob, as he told me, went there to play arcade games. He mentioned an arcade game where you are in a submarine and have to destroy enemy ships.

On one of his trips to the amusement park, he bought at a souvenir shop a small replica of a statue of the Greek goddess Aphrodite.


This statue was the beginning of Rob’s interest in Greek mythology.

Over the following years he bought more statues of Greek Goddesses at all kind of places. He knew which Goddesses they were, their stories and where they original statues are.
He had and still has quite an extended knowledge of the Greek mythology. Of course, his love for Greece has come from somewhere!


Then, years later, Rob met his ex-girlfriend. I dare to say that his ex did quite some wrong to him.

Rob was during the time he went to school deeply in love with a girl. He wrote beautiful texts for this girl and made some kind of bundle of it.
His ex-girlfriend requested him to get rid of these texts and he did. These texts, expect some he got back through another resource, are gone forever. I would have loved to read those texts, even when they are about another woman. It is all long ago, it is Rob’s past. He has full right on his own past, after all, it is what made him what he is today.

More things like that happened.


And then there were Rob’s Greek Goddess statues. Some of those goddesses statues are naked, which is very common for Greek statues.

And also these statues were not to the liking to Rob’s ex. He can recall that words as unfriendly for women were used. With that the statues had to go to.

I really cannot understand this. Did she not realize that these statues were important for Rob? She should have known this.
And is a replica of an old Greek statue, nude or not, woman-unfriendly? I don’t think so. Calling nudity woman-unfriendly is bringing the rights of women back to the dark ages. These day women are allowed to be proud on their bodies and don’t have to hide it under all covering clothes. And is a woman’s body not beautiful? And apart from this all, the statues are not even very detailed.

I cannot get rid of the feeling that Rob his ex tried to control and manipulate him. Something that always will fail in the end, as it did.

So some years back on one of our holidays to Greece I saw in a shop a nice replica of a statue of Aphrodite. I remembered directly what Rob told me once about these kind of statues. Of course I bought it. A present that maybe will undo a little what was done in the past. Rob was really happy with the statue. So now I try to buy on every holiday to Greece such a statue for him

So Aphrodite, Leda, Sapho and others are back in Rob’s house. As they should…

Sapho Marion
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At Madam Tussauds…

by Rob on

Today Marion and I visited Madam Tussauds in the City of Amsterdam. We wanted to do something nice together and Madam Tussauds was something we both still wanted to go one day. So today we went there.

I really have enjoyed myself and I think that Marion also liked it a lot. But I have to admit that it all was a bit smaller then I expected it would be. But nevertheless, it was fun to see all the statues.

One thing was very well done…. “The Pirates”. I already read on the website of Madam Tussauds that it was not allowed to take pictures here. So I thought that it would be some statues of the new “Pirates of Caribbean” movie and that taken pictures was not allowed because of copyrights issues and such. I was very wrong….

“The Pirates” was indeed something complete different… and the signs that, apart from taking pictures, that entrance to this part of the exhibition was not allowed for pregnant women, young children and people with heart problems made me realize that already!

We walked into a very dark area that was kinda decorated as a part of pirate ship or harbour. The sounds and light effects made it very spooky. This all was very well done.
But the real scary part was that on certain spots in that area as pirate/undead dressed up people were hidden. On moments one would not expect they appeared loud screaming, reaching out to the visitors (but never really touching them).
Sure, Marion and I were also surprised when one of the authors suddenly appeared, but I think we both are too logical thinking to really be scared by something like this (which doesn’t mean we didn’t enjoy it). But some of the persons in front of us really panicked and were very scared.

I really had not expected this at Madam Tussauds.

Afterwards we had something to drink and to eat at restaurant Dam Plaza. It was nice and the people were very friendly.

It was really a nice day and I have seen something I wanted to see already for a long time. A day well spent!!!

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